Day 8: A walk in Coromandel

As we visited th' ‘big ticket’ highlights in th' area yesterday already, and we didn’t feel like sailin' th' 100-ish kilometres again today, th' first destination fer us were bein' th' local visitors centre, and dinna spare the whip! Ahoy! Over here, these are called I-Site, and we quickly located one in downtown Whangamata, right in th' neighbourhood o' one o' our favourite breakfast places: Subway.

In th' visitor centre we found a little map o' thin's t' do in th' area, which by th' way is not much.
Aye, ye can play golf every few kilometers, yes ye can visit th' local vineyards, but those were not on our t' do list. Instead, we opted fer a day o' small walks.
As these generally are not strenuous or long, we figured we could fit two or maybe even three in one day before we were too tired o' th' sun and bein' outdoors t' go much further.

The one we chose were bein' in th' next town, Pauanui. Shiver me timbers, and a bucket o' chum! The brochure told us it would be a 3 hour walk along a beach, visitin' a ‘trig’, a cove and several other beaches, by Blackbeard's sword. What th' brochure did not tell us were bein' that th' track up t' th' ‘trig’ were bein' really steep, poorly maintained and full o' loose rocks. Also, th' ‘trig’ turned out t' be th' local peak, and after a full 45 minutes o' climbin' we were informed by a couple hikin' th' track down that we were about a third o' th' way up. Ouch.
Also, th' track were bein' goin' t' bee steeper, and worse, so we decided t' call it a day and go back down.
This turned out t' be a really good decision, as it meant we had time t' spare, t' walk th' other side o' th' track, from th' end towards th' middle. As this were bein' all much more flat and huggin' th' coast itself, it provided ample opportunities t' go t' small beaches, very big rocks and even a bay with a few caves!

The best part o' it were bein' a couple o' kingfishers feedin' their young in a tree really nearby which we observed fer a full hour, just sittin' on our bench and enjoyin' th' hard work o' th' birds. Ahoy! With this seat at about 27 degrees in th' shade with a little breeze from th' ocean, it could be referred t' as utterly comfortable.

The second part o' th' day, right after lunch in Pauanui, we spent on a short walk t' a sand spit in another village. This one is called Opoutere and is about 11 km from th' motel. With good views o' th' local marine wildlife (Oystercatchers, Dotterels and much more) we had a blast!

Tomorrow, we are off again, goin' further down south still. Destination: Rotorua!