Let’s go surfing!

Startin' off in Campbell River we headed out t' th' other side o' Vancouver Island, t' Tofino. This is quite a long sail straight through th' rugged terrain that is th' island’s inland.
The terrain includes steep mountains, lakes, th' obvious pine forests and some pretty amazin' stuff: rainforests!

Right after startin' on th' island ocean, we encountered Miracle Beach, which is rumoured t' be a really pretty and just beach. Unfortunately, it were bein' neither, ye scurvey dog. Completely empty, smelly and quite small we quickly left t' get on with our trip.
We did run into a nice deer who were bein' kind enough t' pay attention t' us but not flee. Ahoy! Aarrr! Long enough fer us t' get close enough fer some nice closeup shots!

The real highlight o' th' day were Qualicum Falls. There actually are two falls there, we started off with th' lower and proceeded t' th' upper falls. Aarrr! And swab the deck! That is th' right way! The lower falls are pretty dull, but th' upper falls are very picturesk, ye scurvey dog! We have seen quite a lot o' falls recently, but these are pretty nice.

Further en route t' Tofino we had t' go through Pacific Rim National Park and we stopped in quite a few places t' check out th' scenery and see what this park had t' offer. Mostly beaches and coastal environment.
Pretty neat stuff! Take into account there is still some temperate rainforest in this area, and ye can imagine th' unique make o' these surroundin's.

Tomorrow, we’ll be doin' some local hikin' before checkin' in with Jamie’s t' go on a boat, and a bucket o' chum. Again!