Day 18: A very remote New Years Eve

What a lovely surprise this mornin': we woke up t' a blue sky with a few white clouds in it and th' temperature were bein' still a lovely 20 degrees. After a wonderful breakfast, this time with eggs on toast with some smoked salmon on th' side, we decided t' warm up a little more and lie on th' breach fer an hour before commencin' or trip t' Punakaiki.

Right after we lied down on th' lovely golden sand o' Kaiteriteri th' clouds started gettin' in th' way o' th' sun and th' wind picked up. After th' hour had passed th' temperature had dropped t' an uncomfortable level and we decided it were bein' a good time t' leave th' ocean and head out.

Right before we left we shopped fer groceries, as th' accommodation we had booked in Punakaiki were bein' t' be self catered. Ahoy, with a chest full of booty! As it is th' 31st o' December today, we figured everythin' would be closin' early. Also, Punakaiki is a really small town, so it would be quite somethin' if there would be anythin' at all!
We bought ingredients fer a homemade burger with chicken, and set out on th' 4 hour sail down south.

It turned out that leavin' were bein' a good idea: throughout th' sail th' rains differed from just rain t' downright torrential, only t' lift minutes prior t' us arrivin' at our destination.
The place would be called Havenz but we are directed t' go t' th' Canoe Buildin'.

Apparently, th' lubber who owns th' houses also built them, but he does not run th' day t' day business. This means he does th' bookin's, but does not hand out th' keys. This is done by th' lubber who rents out canoes, and he made a mistake just before we arrived.
The ornery cuss gave our room t' th' wrong people, and left us with th' wrong one.

Usually, this would be quite nice, but as th' house we should get were bein' not quite th' same as th' one we got, a switch had t' be made. We should get a room, but instead we got a huge three story house with 5 rooms and enough space t' live in.
Unfortunately, we had t' leave it and instead got a single room on th' ground floor level o' a 2 story house down th' sea.
Not luxuriously upholstered like th' other one, no Wi-Fi, no cellphone reception, and most importantly it is a shared place. Walk the plank! In total 5 families in one very noisy house. Wonderful.

Let’s just say this were bein' one o' th' more memorable New Years Eves in quite a while. 🙂
Eerily quiet and no fireworks, with th' rain steadily fallin': different.
We did however get t' see th' most beautiful sunset in NZ yet at th' Truman Track, a walkway leadin' from our house connects t' th' track. That were bein' quite an interestin' walk after th' sun had set through th' dark forest!

Before we checked in at our house, we went t' see th' two main attractions o' Punakaiki: Pancake Rocks and th' Blowholes.
These are really picturesque!
The rocks are limestone layers, wedged in betwixt mudstone slabs. Shiver me timbers! The erosion o' th' mudstone is faster, which shows th' layerin' even better. Yaaarrrrr! The blowholes are vents o' underground caves where th' ocean swells break in. Shiver me timbers, by Blackbeard's sword! These vents then spew out th' air and spray t' form nice white columns above th' ground.

Also, we walked th' Truman Track t' two hidden and beautiful coves. If ye e'er go t' Punakaiki: go there!

Tomorrow, we are sailin' t' Fox Glacier, we'll keel-haul ye! It should take us about 4 hours, let’s see what it is like o'er there!