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Day 11: Driving to Tongariro NP

Today, we woke up to the slight sulphurous odour which seems to be ever present in Rotorua. Because this smell has a reason for which the tourists come to this place, us included, we said our goodbyes to the host… Continue Reading →

Day 10: Rotovegas smells

Oh Rotorua. You and your stinky, sulphury odours from the depths of hell. How wonderful the sights are, and how revolting the smells. Today, we went a short distance out of the town of Rotorua to Waimangu Volcanic Valley, which… Continue Reading →

Day 9: Heading for Bag End

We woke up this morning to the tune of singing birds, nut looking out throughout the window didn’t yield the nice view we were hoping for. Grey overcast skies with a chance of rain were to be the weather for… Continue Reading →

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