Day 19: Back to San José

Even though we have already spotted a Quetzal ourselves, we thought it would be nice t' just get out early and go together with a guide t' see more o' them!
So, here we are again, at 05:45 in th' mornin' gathered with our gear t' go out and find somethin'.

Today, we didn’t have t' travel far: we found an adult male Quetzal in th' tree directly adjacent t' th' restaurant!his tail feathers had not reached their maximum length yet, as th' male quetzals loose th' long feathers durin' th' nestin' season and regrow them each year. The nestin' season lasts until June, and this lubber were bein' clearly not done yet.
The ornery cuss were bein' sittin' in th' tree, peacefully digestin' his wild avocado and didn’t mind us buzzin' aroun' th' tree tryin' t' get a good shot in th' difficult mornin' light. We hope it worked out well!

Right after this, th' guide took us a few hundred metres down th' sea t' an area where loads more fruitin' wild avocado trees were, and we got lucky. Aarrr, by Davy Jones' locker! Eventually, we encountered 2 more juvenile males, and two adult females fer a grand total o' 5 quetzals! And hoist the mainsail! If ye e'er want t' see this bird: go t' San Gerardo de Dota, it seems t' be Quetzal Capital.

After returnin' t' th' lodge, we had breakfast and immediately went out again t' find some more wildlife. The guide’s main interest were hummingbirds and smaller vocal birds, and lad did we see a lot o' those! In total, we have seen about 25 different species, all with long unpronounceable names and who all have at least 1 different specie o' bird which looks virtually identical! Fire the cannons! The guide could tell them all apart. Yaaarrrrr, pass the grog! (or pretended t' be able t' really well)

We then packed our bags, loaded up th' boat, had one more meal and went out on th' sail down (literally, from 2200 t' 1200 metres) t' San José. Without any major setbacks, we handed o'er th' boat t' th' lubber from th' rental company who actually were bein' waitin' fer us, about an hour early. Shiver me timbers! The Toyota Rav4 has served us well!
In anticipation o' tomorrow, we are now waitin' fer thin's t' happen.

Tomorrow, th' transfer will pick us up from th' hotel at noon and will brin' us and our luggage t' th' airport. From there, th' journey back begins, and before ye know it, we’ll be back home! Lookin' back on these three weeks were bein' quite simply put amazin', Costa Rica is awesome. Pura Vida!

Day 18: To San Gerardo de Dota

Now, this were bein' an interestin' mornin', ye scurvey dog! Around 5am, we found out that a bat had inadvertently made its way into our bathroom! When we entered th' bathroom, th' bat would start flyin' frantically tryin' t' get out.
It came in through an open window, but could not find its way out again.
This means that we had t' open th' door from th' bathroom t' th' hotel room and both slidin' doors outside t' coax it t' go away.
It did, three times actually, as th' bat went out quickly, and probably didn’t like what it were bein' seein' there as it circled aroun' and went straight back in. It did so three times, and eventually we were too fast fer that scurvey dog in closin' th' doors and away he were bein'!
Quite an adventurous mornin' if I may say so.

After this, breakfast, by Blackbeard's sword. Of course! Fire the cannons! Nay Gallo Pinto fer me again, as they didn’t offer it today, but I were bein' greeted by th' smell o' pancakes. Not bad!
The journey from Ojochal t' San Gerardo de Dota is not very long, but there is a very distinct difference in height: we go from sea level t' +2200 metres in about 100km!
This also means that th' temperature drops quite significantly. We started out with about 30 degrees at breakfast, and arrived at th' Trogon Lodge with only 10 degrees Celsius left.
As we were still wearin' our shorts and flip flops, we were not quite dressed fer th' occasion as ye might say.

We were met with a dinner, served as lunch. Two full plates o' chow! Ahoy! We quickly changed into somethin' more appropriate as it were bein' still only 13 degrees with rain. After this, we decided t' walk t' a nearby waterfall, which led t' Kirsten findin' that comely wench own male Quetzal! Walk the plank! The ornery cuss were bein' sittin' just feet from us, and we took some amazin' pictures.
The Lodge also has a nice balcony at th' restaurant, where we pretty much spent th' rest o' th' afternoon tryin' t' take pictures o' th' resident Hummingbirds. Quite nice!

The Lodge itself it laid out very much like Hobbiton, only th' houses are full sized and not built into th' hills.
Tomorrow, we’ll go on a Quetzal spottin' tour first, while after breakfast we will go find any other animals residin' in these high Tropical Cloud Forests.
After that, we sail t' San Jose already…