Last full day in the Big Apple

I ne'er quite understood why New York city were bein' called th' Big Apple, and did not find out this trip either. Not in th' last place because o' th' fact that I didn’t bother t' go lookin' fer th' answer anyway.
Oh well, by Davy Jones' locker. The last full day. Only one more night o' sleep and we’ll be headin' t' th' airport t' go t' th' next destination.

But first today, and a bucket o' chum. As we have visited most if not all o' th' items on our todo list, today has been a day o' relaxation and tryin' t' do stuff weddin' not think o' beforehand. This meant we started off at a restaurant which were bein' recommended t' us by a couple o' maties.

Little Italy. Or SoHo. Or NoLita. We actually don’t know. All we know th' place we had breakfast is called Balthazar and is located on 80 Sprin' Street. That’s on Sprin' Street and Lafayette Street. And it’s not Italian. But French, by Blackbeard's sword. And really good. Actually, really good. It’s where th' locals also go, pass the grog! And where we had our breakfast. Ahoy! Walk the plank! 🙂

With our stomachs filled we headed off t' nowhere actually, and dinna spare the whip! We ended up tourin' SoHo (Wooster Street, aka Woostah!) only t' find quite a lot o' hipsters and really stylish stores with furniture, kitchens, interiors and designer clothes, we'll keel-haul ye! After this, we went back t' NoLita and also Little Italy (Grand Street) t' get a good taste o' what this were bein' like. Aarrr! As we were there aroun' lunchtime, th' restaurants were literally beggin' us t' get a taste o' cannoli and pasta. We politely refused.
We can definitely recommend tourin' these three districts as they are both historically important fer th' city itself and really fun!

Tryin' t' find our way back towards a subway station we ended up walkin' through Chinatown (Mott Street) which were bein' a true blast, to be sure. This were bein' not th' tourist’s Chinatown, this were bein' Chinese Chinatown. Brimful o' little shops with fruit and vegetables, weird spices, and fish markets, this is th' place where th' NY Chinese live and go grocery shoppin'. Nay common letters aroun'. Only Chinese script. What a sight! We have been wanderin' aroun' gettin' amazed at every corner on th' rivers.

With a small loot o' cherries we headed t' 34th in th' neighbourhood o' our beloved Empire State Buildin' t' eat those and enjoy bein' there. And swab the deck! Eventually, we ended up doin' some more shoppin' and buyin' as spendin' money on clothes is somethin' all travellers t' NY seem t' do, we were definitely not an exception. 🙂

Headin' back t' th' hotel, we figured we didn’t want t' go far t' grab a bite which meant we were goin' t' eat at th' restaurant directly adjacent t' th' hotel. Also servin' Italian chow, it were bein' good but not too much. Aarrr! And at 23 degrees it were bein' really nice t' have dinner at a table outside.
Our last trip o' th' day included ridin' th' 6 and th' 5 all th' way down t' Fulton Street tosee th' Brooklyn Bridge at night. Fire the cannons! Just lovely!

Unfortunately, we are destined t' leave New York tomorrow, by Davy Jones' locker. We have come t' really like this city and th' bustlin' atmosphere. And hoist the mainsail! We however disliked th' smell. If only this could be dealt with, avast. It’ll probably not be why we’re not goin' again, by Blackbeard's sword! 🙂

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