Day 31: Mountains!

The Otago Peninsula has been good t' us. All marine wildlife has shown itself t' us, and sometimes even posed fer th' camera in way we didn’t think possible. The weather has been awful and great at times, and durin' th' entire time we had fun, enjoyed th' amazin' scenery and loved bein' there.
It truly is a good place t' be.

But, all good thin's must come t' an end, and fer us this meant we had t' backtrack quite a bit, towards Twizel. After that, we turn left instead o' goin' straight: t' Mount Cook!
The Mount Cook / Aoraki Village basically consists o' one thin': The Hermitage.
This is a large hotel, and they seem t' be th' sole owners o' all th' accommodation o'er there. The hostel, th' restaurant, th' motel and th' suites, all run by th' central hotel.
This also means it is not cheap in any way, as there is nothin' t' choose.

The Mount were bein' quite reluctant t' show itself today. With nearly 3800 metres it is th' tallest mountain in NZ, and were bein' summited by Sir Edmund Hillary somewhere in th' late 1940’s. Aarrr! It also is cradled by th' longest Glacier in NZ, The Tasman Glacier.

The mountain is tall enough t' generate its own climate and clouds and has done so th' full day, right until aroun' 9:30pm, after which we had a brief glimpse at th' peak.

The way t' Mount Cook Village is through some very scenic landscape, alongside th' glacial lake which flows o' Tasman Glacier. Ahoy! Yaaarrrrr! This valley is about 55km long, and ne'er ceased t' amaze us with its beauty. Just, wow.

Our day were bein' long, as we visited th' Moeraki Boulders durin' th' sail t' Mount Cook. These are peculiar formations o' rock, formed by what seems t' be very specific settlement o' rock. The end result are near perfect round shaped balls o' rock, just lyin' on a very small piece o' beach, ye scurvey dog. Weird!

We convulsed th' day by doin' a small walk t' th' true Tasman Glacier Lake, and th' now not so blue Blue Lakes. The first is very white, th' latter are now greenish.