Day 26: Spending the day in Invercargill

After a good night o' sleep, we woke up t' a silent and rainy world. Not th' perpetual type o' rain, but more like a drizzle which turns into rain now and then and sometimes even dies down completely.
This weather is not too bad fer sailin' and so we took off.

Before we went t' Invercargill, we had already decided yesterday that we would visit th' local wildlife sanctuary, avast. They have a few native species o' birds in pens amongst which th' very rare Takahe. This is a chicken sized Pukeko. For those not familiar with New Zealand wildlife: a Takeha is like a fat, flightless black chicken with a very large slightly rounded beak. It is nearly extinct and there are about 300 birds in captivity or managed wildlife on predator free locations. There are a few still in th' wild, but they don’t know th' exact numbers o' those populations.

At 09:15 th' Takahe are fed, and a small introductory talk is given. After this we quickly were on our way further south t' Invercargill.

Here, we spent th' day walkin' in th' park, which had a small museum, an aviary with lots o' birds, a small zoo with local and native species o' animals like feral goats and Kunekune pigs, rose gardens, a Japanese garden and quite a lot more.
What a wonderful way t' spend th' day o'er here!

Tomorrow, we are crossin' th' strait t' Stewart Island, and this time not by boat.
We spent th' evenin' repackin' our bags, as we are only allowed 1 piece o' baggage with a weight o' 15kg per person on th' plane. Shiver me timbers, we'll keel-haul ye! Let’s just say we carry quite a lot more on a daily basis!
It is a small plane, but I guess ye’ll see more tomorrow!