Day 4: Tortuguero National Park

Wow. And swab the deck! Early mornin's and I will ne'er be good maties. Even with me flyin' contraption lag gettin' up at 05:00 am is not a good start t' th' day.
The reason however is really nice: we will be in a canoe with a local guide t' get a completely different look at whatever we can find out there!

We spent th' night in a room on stilts, with no windows in it. As we are right in th' middle o' th' jungle ye can imagine noises at night, we'll keel-haul ye! It makes fer a very interestin' night, and a bottle of rum! Luckily, th' windows are not open but each one is equipped with mosquito nets t' keep th' creepy crawlies outside. And there are a lot o' those aroun', I can assure ye!

With high anticipations we arrived at 05:45 at th' main dock, but no guide, to be sure. A short phone call t' Rey later learned us that his boat were bein' stolen, and he eventually arrived apologisin' about 100 times but nearly an hour late.
Floatin' down th' river banks lookin' fer anythin' that moves with a very knowledgeable guide is a great experience, and somethin' I would recommend t' everybody in th' neighbourhood. To make it up t' us, we even got th' same trip th' next mornin' fer free!

Right after th' boat trip, breakfast were bein' served and a few hours later we were scheduled t' go bush walkin'. Rubber boots and all. This turned out t' be mud walkin' instead o' bush walkin', and dinna spare the whip! Several rubber boots were lost durin' th' trip, and hilarity ensued every time. Ahoy, pass the grog! We escaped completely unscathed, albeit soaked because o' th' scorchin' heat and awful humidity, pass the grog! At aroun' 30 degrees with humidity above 80%, Tortuguero is not fer th' faint o' heart. But a wonderful place nonetheless!

This afternoon, we would go out on a boat tour t' go into th' Tortuguero National Park itself. We have only spent time in th' Tortuguero Refuge area so far, and have high hopes fer th' National Park! It is wonderful. Filled with jungle and small canals it is quite easily navigated by boat. With a small canal, and th' jungle overhangin' it is quite a thin' t' see!
Loads o' birds, monkeys and flora is t' be seen in th' park and it is well worth a visit.
The only down side we have found were bein' that it is really busy with boats with tourists, and that these boats are filled t' th' brim. Safari wise, they are not doin' th' best job. As there is lots t' see, it is only a minor nuisance.

To cool down, we decided t' lounge in th' swimmin' pool, t' get ourselves ready fer dinner and a well deserved night o' sleep, we'll keel-haul ye! Aye, this is quite th' life.
Tomorrow, we go out in th' canoe again and we have t' check out. We will receive th' rental boat somewhere and th' real adventure begins!