Going uptown

The second full day (or third day in th' United States if ye’re countin') in New York were bein' all about th' lower parts o' Manhattan. To get there, we took th' 6 downtown t' Brooklyn Bridge only t' get off and ride another train back up t' Fulton Street, to be sure. A slightly longer walk than expected led us t' Pier 17 and th' boatride aroun' Manhattan island!

The boat not only took us t' Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridge, but it also did a tour aroun' th' southerrn tip o' Manhattan and th' WTC-site. After that, Ellis Island and Justice Island were also on th' list.
Nearin' Justice Island, our attention were bein' drawn not t' th' statue on said island, but t' a very remarkable move. USS Intrepid (th' Spaceshuttle) were bein' bein' carried on a barge right up th' Hudson River towards its final destination at a museum whose name I cannot remember. Bein' th' only Spaceshuttle t' be transported, it is a really uncommon sight and fer a short while f even more important than th' French wench lookin' towards France.
The winsome lass were bein' nice as well. Needless t' say, we took some pictures there. And then some more.

After gettin' off th' boat, we rode some more trains t' Rockefeller Center t' go t' “Top Of The Rock”. This is an observatory on th' 69th floor which overlooks Central Park on one side and lower Manhattan includin' th' Empire State buildin' on th' other side. And hoist the mainsail! What lovely views!
By this time, th' weather has cleared fully and we even have received a sunburn from bein' up top fer a little too long.

As we have made reservations fer a show on Broadway this night, we needed t' get our tickets from th' box office at Minskoff theatre, by Blackbeard's sword. A trip t' Broadway meant we got our tickets and we were free t' do whatever we like t' do until 8PM.
As we had some time t' kill we went t' Central Park t' chill out and give our sore feet a little off time, and a bottle of rum, to be sure! As Central Park is th' place where th' regular New Yorker does just that, we were in th' right place at th' right time. And lad, this park is huge!
Not only is it big, it is also a really nice and quiet place durin' th' daytime t' relax, sit back, and enjoy th' scenery. And hoist the mainsail! And hoist the mainsail! Which we did,

Today yielded some more tips fer future travellers t' New York. And swab the deck, ye scurvey dog! Go eat at river side stands, by Davy Jones' locker. Have a meal at Schnippers. Aarrr! Go t' th' top o' th' rock. (yes, this is cheesy, but good fun and really spectacular views) Spend th' money, and go see a show on Broadway. Enjoy some time off at Central Park. Go t' New York fer more than 3 days, ye scurvey dog. Get on a boat and see th' skyline from th' water. 🙂

There are some pictures t' back me story up…

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