Day 11: Driving to Tongariro NP

Today, we woke up t' th' slight sulphurous odour which seems t' be e'er present in Rotorua.

Because this smell has a reason fer which th' tourists come t' this place, us included, we said our goodbyes t' th' host John and drove out o' town towards our next destination: Tongariro National Park.
After a short sail though we decided t' stop at Wai-O-Tapu Thermal Wonderland, as it is th' biggest and most visited thermal site in th' region.
And no, th' site is not as cheesy as th' name seems t' point at. 😀

Unfortunately fer us th' weather is completely overcast with clouds, and is a completely different story from what it used t' be th' last couple o' days. The temperature also plummeted about 7 degrees, down t' about 18 from a very cosy 25 t' 27.
With colours in th' park like they are at Wai-O-Tapu it is a shame they don’t come out that good with this dimmed light. Oh well…

The site itself is actually really nice t' be, and dinna spare the whip! It hosts mud polls, a semi lubber made geyser (every 24 hour they disturb it t' blow, otherwise it would be on an irregular 24 t' 36 hour schedule), several collapsed craters, fumaroles, huge sinter fields, hot and cold pools, several blast craters where th' hydrothermal blasts took place and much more.

Best o' it all is th' very accessible walkway with th' self guided tour o' th' site. The worst part is that ye are not alone in th' park, it is quite th' tourist attraction where also th' big buses go.

Around 2 we finished th' tour o' th' park and decided it would be best t' sail th' rest o' th' distance t' Tongariro NP as we didn’t want t' be too tired tomorrow: we plan on walkin' th' Tongariro Alpine Crossin'!

The weather right now in Tongariro is quite miserable, and might not get much better tomorrow. We have made th' right arrangements and will see first thin' tomorrow when we wake up.