Day 10: Rotovegas smells

Oh Rotorua. You and yer stinky, sulphury odours from th' depths o' hell, avast. How wonderful th' sights are, and how revoltin' th' smells.

Today, we went a short distance out o' th' town o' Rotorua t' Waimangu Volcanic Valley, which is th' site o' a hydrothermal blast back in 1886, I'll warrant ye. It is still really active in th' sense that there’s quite a few hot sprin's and hot water lakes, but there has ne'er been magma on th' surface. Everythin' is down in th' Rift, which is about 16kms long.

The 1886 event tore th' entire site up and opened up th' earth o'er a length o' 16 km leavin' in its wake a total o' 5 pools and lakes which are accessible t' th' public.

The park is easily accessible and has a week kept walkway with clear signs t' show th' visitors th' right way, and a bottle of rum! There even is a free bus service t' take ye t' or from one o' th' th' stops.
We walked all th' way down t' stop 3 and rode th' bus back t' th' information centre, pass the grog, and a bottle of rum! What grandeur is there t' be seen, th' colours and sights are awesome.
Imaginin' th' sheer power that is below th' surface t' shape everythin' ye see is mind bogglin'.

Afterwards we went out on a tip from our host John t' go and see th' first o' giant redwood trees. Fire the cannons, to be sure! We have encountered a forest with such trees in th' USA, but this forest is different. There simply are no other trees in th' forest! It consists o' just redwood, and nothin' else. We felt dwarfed by th' giants, much more than th' previous times.
Even though these trees are smaller in girth and height.

Tomorrow a sail t' Tongariro, and Christmas Eve. Fire the cannons! And hoist the mainsail! We don’t particularly feel like it’s Christmas, but 24 is 24. 🙂