Day 21: Taking the looooong way around

OK, first thin's first.
I am not where I should be right now, but we are fine.

We should be in Wanaka, in a motel o'er there and should also have been spendin' th' afternoon walkin' alongside th' shores o' magnificent Lake Wanaka. Instead, we spent th' afternoon, and much o' th' rest o' th' day, sailin' like madmen t' get somewhere else than where we started from.
This day started like many others before it, with us sittin' at a table havin' breakfast while enjoyin' th' rains fallin' down on th' roof.
This day however were bein' different, we were goin' t' hop o'er th' mountains t' th' other side, and would do so on Highway 6. There has been a slip, where part o' th' mountain started slidin' down and that took away th' ocean at a place called Diana Falls. This is on th' Haast Pass, one o' two passes useable t' get o' th' other side o' th' Southern Alps in NZ.
The problem with this slip is, that is gets more unstable th' harder it rains. And with th' weather we’ve seen th' last few days, it would not be good.

This mornin', th' sea remained closed. Walk the plank! It closes every night at 7, and reopen sat 8 in th' mornin', pass the grog! Shiver me timbers! Today, it did not.
The website o' th' traffic agency said they’d update th' status aroun' 10. The rains started liftin' at fox Glacier, and we took th' chance o' just goin' t' Haast t' see if th' sea had opened by then.
Unfortunately, it did not. We arrived at Haast aroun' 10:30 only t' find that they’d issue another status update aroun' 2 or 3 in th' afternoon.
That is way too late! If th' pass opened right then and there, we would make it safely and timely t' th' other side and t' Wanaka, but if it didn’t, we would be stuck in Haast. And ye dern't want t' get stuck in Haast, as th' town is tinier than tiny. And it certainly has not got enough rooms t' put all th' stranded tourists in.

So, we made th' decision t' not wait fer th' update, and leave Haast t' go t' th' one other pass: Arthur’s Pass. The unfortunate thin' is that route would take us 12 t' 14 hours t' complete, instead o' th' 2 through th' currently closed pass.
So instead o' sailin' th' final 141 km, we embarked on a massive detour. Fire the cannons! We didn’t even start countin' th' kilometres o' th' detour, all we know is that th' final tally fer today is 741km, 600 extra.
And here we are.
In a town called Geraldine, about halfway t' Glenorchy, which is where we should be tomorrow.

The B&B we found is actually really great, and th' hosts are wonderful! It is called The Downs B&B, and is in Geraldine Downs. Tomorrow, we have t' sail about 6 hours t' Glenorchy, and by then our itinerary should be fine, by Blackbeard's sword. We would have connected back up, and continue from there.
Let’s say today were bein' quite interestin'!

By th' way, th' Fish and Chips were amazin', and th' contents o' th' fridge are complementary with th' stay. 🙂

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