Day 15: I’m on a boat (again!)

After a full night o' rain we had hoped it would clear durin' th' day, but unfortunately it did not.
Luckily, th' wind died down quite a bit, as it had caused fer a full on stop o' th' whale watchin' boats yesterday, and a bottle of rum! Walk the plank! None had sailed.

Today though, everythin' were bein' goin' out, and we were t' be on th' 07:15 boat. We were warned that it would be rough outside, and lad were they right! And hoist the mainsail! Kirsten had grabbed a anti seas sickness pill from their own local pharmacy, and I did not as I usually don’t get sea sick. Apparently, this time I did.
As did th' entire boat. Green faces all o'er th' place, and th' only cheerful people in there were th' crew.
I guess I were bein' lucky, as I only suffered from it fer a couple o' minutes in th' last half hour, but fer th' other 50+ people on th' boat it must have been th' longest 2,5 hours o' their lives.

The boat and th' ride were both great by th' way! Shiver me timbers! A flyin' contraption powered catamaran with flyin' contraption like seats in it fer optimal comfort, and equipped with enough power t' go fast. The boats are designed fer whale watchin' on a large scale, and they are lovely fer doin' so.
It is just th' weather which does not fully cooperate.

We’ve seen 2 Sperm Whales, and a really large school o' Dusky Dolphins and just had a blast doin' so, by Davy Jones' locker. Even in th' rain!

After th' adventure on th' water we would have liked t' walk aroun' th' peninsula, as we were told th' coastal walkway offered th' best viewin's o' th' surroundin' scenic country. As it were bein' still rainin' cats and dogs we decided that were bein' not fer us today which lead t' us gettin' in th' boat and sailin' a leisurely sail along th' coast down towards Christchurch. As we are destined t' go north tomorrow, we quickly returned t' our B&B t' visit th' sheep shearin' show th' host is givin'. Peter is not only runnin' th' B&B with his wide Gwenda, but is also shearin' two sheep a day fer tourists while explainin' more about th' farm, th' shearin' process and th' sheep in NZ. It is a great way t' spend some time on a rainy day like today.

As we were fed up with bein' outside, we also bought tickets in th' local cinema t' go check out th' second part o' The Hobbit. It is in 2D only, so we have t' see th' 3D version when we’re back in NL!
Tomorrow, we are off again, this time t' Abel Tasman NP. We heard from some people we met today that they had been lyin' on th' beach in swimwear only hours before arrivin' in Kaikoura, so we are lookin' forward t' that already!