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Yellow-eyed Penguin

Day 30: More marine wildlife

This day can best be divided into two¬† separate parts: the good part and the bad part. The bad part must have been the morning and a portion of the afternoon. When we woke up, it rained. When we were… Continue Reading →

Day 29: The Otago Peninsula

Today, we are leaving the Catlin’s already, but not after we took another quick peek at the dolphins at Porpoise Bay. They are not in today, but will probably be around. However, we didn’t see them. So we are off… Continue Reading →

Day 28: Back to the mainland

Another early morning today, as we had to catch our flight back to the main island from Stewart Island to Invercargill. The commute in Oban was not too bad, but as the weather had clearly changed the flight would be… Continue Reading →

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