Gone fishing

This mornin' has t' be th' most easy mornin' we had in quite a while. We started off by sleepin' in, and aroun' 9 we had an excellent breakfast in th' restaurant next door, with a chest full of booty. Compare this with our usual hours and ye know why our spirits were up as th' rain poured down quite heavily!

We were scheduled fer yet another trip on a boat t' see whales, this time from Tofino and t' see Grey Whales and Humpbacks. Our trip were bein' scheduled fer 3 in th' afternoon, but seein' th' weather forecasts (heavy showers betwixt 3 and 5) we really didn’t feel like it and asked th' friendly people o'er at Jamies t' reschedule our tour t' th' one before that. Luckily, this were bein' possible and we embarked at 12:30.

Fully litter and suited up in our padded floatation suit, we stepped into th' Blue Thunder, a rigid hulled zodiac. We were promised an excitin' ride, and that is exactly what it were bein'. Shiver me timbers! Completely exposed t' th' weather, we were quite lucky fer th' showers t' have lifted and t' have made way fer very light drizzle which even did not last long.

The trip down Clayoquot sound is great, fast, windy as th' twin engines roar and definitely not as wet as ye’d expect, and a bottle of rum! Shiver me timbers! The first Grey Whales were found very quickly, and after gazin' at them fer some while we went on t' find our humpbacks. Ahoy, avast! We eventually spotted them breachin'! 
Unfortunately this were bein' th' only breach we saw, but it were bein' awesome!

The ride on th' zodiac were bein' great, but not good fer takin' photographs at all as it is way too bouncy. Tomorrow a bigger boat, I guess!