National parks and appalling weather

Today’s journey took us from Revelstoke to Banff, through some of Canada’s finest National Parks. So far, we only encountered Provincial and Regional Parks, so the State Parks, with paid admission, were new to us.
With our 4 day pass (fifth day free!) attached to our windshield we set out to explore the best if the best. All is well.

So it seemed. But was not. Throughout the complete drive from Revelstoke to Banff it rained. Poured town. Rained cats and dogs. You probably know by now what I’m trying to say here. It was wet outside.
Yet, and this is the incredible part, judging from the photos we took, it was not as bad as we experienced. Every time we stepped out of the car to do something or take pictures, the skies magically opened up to reveal some blue and it stopped raining. Lovely!

The journey took us among other things through a town called Golden, about 90 minutes up Highway 1 from Revelstoke, where we were treated to our very first close encounter with real wildlife: Bighorn Sheep! Three of them, with one male, were consciously crossing the highway on a construction site where all traffic was slow anyway. Majestically they crossed and strode their way onto the site itself. As if they knew it was safest this way!

We really regret the fact that the rain pretty much blocked all of the scenic views and other awesomeness Canada’s Rockies have to offer us. Everything below a certain height was visible, so we have been entertained by the sight of the Pacific Railway trains screeching and puffing their way through the Rockies. What a fantastic ride that must be!
Tomorrow, we’ll be among the early birds to drive our way to Lake Louise over the scenic route to enhance our chances on wildlife sightings, because so far it really didn’t feel like than Canada you’d expect! Today had been a very welcome change to that.