Day 15: To Ojochal

This morning was unlike the many ones before it: we slept in! So instead of breakfast at 07:00 we actually only turned up at 08:30, a full hour and a half behind our regular schedule, now that is being on holiday!

The drive from Manuel Antonio to Ojochal is actually very short, and the entire length of road is tarred and has an 80km/h speed limit, so making progress on those roads is easy. We actually arrived at Vollas Gaia in Ojochal way too early, but the staff here was kind enough to let us check in anyway, and even offered some advice on how to spend the rest of the day!

That meant that we were off to a beach right after lunch.
All beaches in Costa Rica are public, which means they are freely accessible and free to use. To get to Ventanas Beach however, you must pass over the grounds of a German guy, and he is asking money for that. This is legal, and I guess it is for him a nice way to make money on the side. So, we coughed up the 3000 colones for parking and for using his back yard to get to the beach and off we were.

And then the thunder and rain started. The weather over here can turn in the blink of an eye from clear and sunny into drizzle with distant thunderstorms. Too bizarre!
That happened to us today, and so our time at the beach was only short lived as being on the beach in an thunderstorm is not the best of thoughts. We did however find some Howler Monkeys in the trees right next to the beach, and generally had a good time over there after all.

The rest of the afternoon was spent in the hotel pool (you can’t get any wetter that in a pool, right?) and in the supermarket, as groceries still need to be bought.
We are turning in early today as well, as tomorrow a small guided tour is held in the backyard of the hotel to watch the local wildlife. So, breakfast is at 06:30 again!