Day 25: A day off in Cairns

The beach over here in Cairns is… quite different to what we are used to back home. For instance, the tides are really big over here, and the beach is either really small or really large. Secondly, no one is allowed on it. Why, I hear you ask? Estuarine Crocodiles.

So, the Inhabitants of Cairns have created their own beach, an open air swimming pool, right on the end of the beachfront Esplanade. It has some trees and grass around it for the locals and tourists to lie on, and even has its own sandy beach. This pool is called the Lagoon and is a favorite pastime for many as there is no way you can enjoy the natural beach which is only a few metres away.

We have basically done nothing today, but enjoying the beach. Good times! Tomorrow we’ll be on a boat! (Again!)