Day 38: Back to Glass House Mountains

After the very intense experience of driving on Fraser Island, the night of sleep was more than welcome. We also slept in a little, as we only had to travel a small distance of three hours from here to Glass House Mountains. 

As the drive down is very scenic but quite uneventful, we arrive at our lodge pretty early, but are glad to be able to check in already. As it still is our honeymoon, we are presented with the option to be upgrading our room (free of charge) from our standard room to a more luxurious room. The owner of the property gladly showed us the three different room available to us: two train carriages (one from the 1930s and one from the 1980s) and an old church. We chose the latter, as it is an awesome room.

The church was built back in the 1880s as a replacement for another one, while that one was not accessible due to flooding. Floods like that however didn’t occur there any more until 1970, which meant this church hardly ever got used. The current owner bought it, and converted it to a room for his lodge. It is huge, as the church still has the full size. The current owner built a loft inside it for the bedroom, but the rest is open plan. It includes a full sized table with chairs, a kitchen, a main seating area, a secondary seating area and the best of all: a fireplace. We needed it as well, as the temperature dropped quite substantially at the end of the day. Let’s just say the fire burnt nice and hot that night!

We also walked the summit route to Mount Ngungun, which gives you lovely views over the entire area, including Mount Tibrogargan, Mount Beerwah and Mount Coonowrin. Great fun!

Tomorrow, we’ll also have nothing else to do than be somewhere at a certain time, which in this case is the airport in Brisbane at 18:30 to return the car.