Namibia & Botswana: the aftermath

Our 25 days in Namibia and Botswana yielded a lot of good memories, some anxious moments and lots of laughs, amongst other things.
Below is a non-final list of things we got from being on holiday this year:

  • A lot of pictures (> 200GB!)
  • 2 new tyres
  • 1 tyre repair (costing only 30 pula!)
  • 21 new beers/ciders added to my inventory
  • 3 new countries visited
  • A PDF invoice in my email inbox from the rental company after the return of the car (WUT?!)
  • 2802 air miles
  • 7 new species of antilope seen (& photographed!)
  • 2 new Facebook connections ( 🙂 )

All in all, quite a few novelties for us, and the biggest adventure we’ve embarked on so far. Awesome!