Day 13: Going further inland

Let’s break it down t' th' important part first: we are wearin' shorts!

Today, we are t' fly from Adelaide t' Alice Sprin's, which is about exactly halfway betwixt both coasts, and a bottle of rum, by Blackbeard's sword! With slightly o'er 800 miles t' fly today we are in fer a very short flight o' about 2 hours. As our hotel is really close t' th' airport, we drove fer about 5 minutes, turned in our boat and had our traditional breakfast at th' there present Subway restaurant.

Our flight left at 10:20, and were bein' really calm, avast. It gave awesome views o' Australia’s Outback, and it’s arid expanses, ye scurvey dog. Arrivin' in Alice Spin's were bein' a nice change in weather compared t' th' cool Place we came from, it’s 22 degrees o'er here with clear skies. But what would ye expect from a desert!

We picked up our boat at th' airport, and were surprised by th' sheer size o' th' thin', it’s a Toyota FJ Cruiser! And swab the deck! In th' awful colour Desert, it sits brownish but with th' 200kwh 4 litre V6 ready fer our stuff. Its maiden voyage with us is only a few kilometres t' th' hotel in town, and as it is only early in th' afternoon, we spent th' rest o' th' day walkin' a trail t' an auld Telegraph Station and just enjoyin' th' scenery and climate.

Tomorrow, we leave this town t' sail trailhead down th' MacDonnel Range towards Glen Helen Gorge, which is only 150kms away, I'll warrant ye. But as this is th' Outback, it goin' t' be somethin' else anyway! We probably don’t have WiFi o'er there though, avast! 🙂

Day 12: Back to the big city

It seems like th' rainstorms just don’t want t' leave, and so we woke up this mornin' t' semi overcast skies with th' occasional downpours. It didn’t matter much though, as today basically means we have t' leave th' Island, and head fer th' city o' Adelaide, I'll warrant ye. It is a shame we have t' leave th' beautiful Kangaroo Island, but our journey will take us t' other great places.

Even though Kangaroo Island has th' most famous Australian animal in its name, it is not th' place we have encountered th' most o' them. If th' sheer number o' roadkill are a sign though, there should be plenty aroun', but we simply didn’t encounter them. There is however a plethora o' other wildlife t' be seen, th' sheer number o' birds aroun' here is staggerin', by Davy Jones' locker. All kinds o' sea based birds, as well as land based ones happily dart aroun' and call this island their home.

This time aroun', our 45 minute trip with th' ferry back t' Cape Jervis were bein' not as choppy as last time, and everythin' went by without a hitch. The trip from Kingscote t' Penneshaw were bein' about an hour o' sailin', and from Cape Jervis t' Adelaide another 2 hours, and a bucket o' chum. We arrived at th' motel quite early, and decided that goin' t' th' city itself by boat wasn’t goin' t' be a success and instead opted t' go t' Glenelg, a rich beachfront city right next t' Adelaide. This turned out t' be a great idea, as it is a joy t' look at. Great big oceanfront houses everywhere, and a nice comfy city centre with lots o' options.

We visited th' beach a couple o' time this afternoon, only t' find ourselves trapped inside our boat as their happened t' be a big rainstorm passin' o'er. After two tries we gave walkin' on th' beach up and went fer a hot chocolate in a very nice place on th' main river o' th' town.

Tomorrow, we fly out t' Alice Sprin's, aroun' 10:20 local time, t' arrive there about 2 hours later. Let’s hope th' rain doesn’t follow us there!