Day 13: Going further inland

Let’s break it down to the important part first: we are wearing shorts!

Today, we are to fly from Adelaide to Alice Springs, which is about exactly halfway between both coasts. With slightly over 800 miles to fly today we are in for a very short flight of about 2 hours. As our hotel is really close to the airport, we drove for about 5 minutes, turned in our car and had our traditional breakfast at the there present Subway restaurant.

Our flight left at 10:20, and was really calm. It gave awesome views of Australia’s Outback, and it’s arid expanses. Arriving in Alice Spings was a nice change in weather compared to the cool Place we came from, it’s 22 degrees over here with clear skies. But what would you expect from a desert!

We picked up our car at the airport, and were surprised by the sheer size of the thing, it’s a Toyota FJ Cruiser! In the awful colour Desert, it sits brownish but with the 200kwh 4 litre V6 ready for our stuff. Its maiden voyage with us is only a few kilometres to the hotel in town, and as it is only early in the afternoon, we spent the rest of the day walking a trail to an old Telegraph Station and just enjoying the scenery and climate.

Tomorrow, we leave this town to drive trailhead down the MacDonnel Range towards Glen Helen Gorge, which is only 150kms away. But as this is the Outback, it going to be something else anyway! We probably don’t have WiFi over there though! 🙂