Day 6: On the Great Ocean Road

A quick look out th' window this mornin' told us th' weather changed overnight from clear skies t' overcast and grey. Today, we are sailin' th' second leg o' th' Great Ocean Road, all th' way t' Warrnambool. The first stop today fer us however were bein' Cape Otway, where th' Cape Otway Lighthouse stands. This is th' first Lighthouse aroun' there, and it has been in active operation since 1848. And swab the deck! And hoist the mainsail! Unfortunately, ye can only visit th' grounds aroun' it by payin' an entrance fee and goin' on th' full tour, and we passed on this as th' sea ahead were bein' quite long still.

We were there fer another matter anyway: koalas, and a bottle of rum! The sea leadin' from th' B100 t' Cape Otway Lighthouse is famous fer th' number o' Koalas livin' alongside it. We, however, failed t' see any on route t' th' Cape. It might have been due t' th' weather though, as it started drizzlin'. Walk the plank! Fire the cannons! Luckily fer us, th' rain lifted pretty soon after this, and our luck findin' animals returned: on a dirt sea just off th' main sea, we got lucky and found not 1 but three sittin' in th' same giant tree! With another Koala restin' in th' tree next t' it, th' tally went up t' four right there! We stood by them and watched th' closest one perform acrobatic feats while feedin'. Awesome!

On th' way back, we even spotted more up t' a point where we could look left and see one, and look right t' see another. All very fluffy and generally ignorin' our presence, these animals are just a treat t' look at. The rest o' our journey took us further down th' Great Ocean Road where we visited th' well known highlights on it. Fire the cannons! These are th' Twelve Apostles, Loch Ard Gorge, th' Arch, th' London Bridge en th' Grotto. They all are formations o' th' limestone rock set out in th' sea or right on th' shore o' th' ocean, pass the grog, by Davy Jones' locker! And they all are really beautiful!

The weather still were bein' actin' up, we basically have had all weather types followin' each other up every 10 minutes. Rangin' from drizzle t' rain t' full on sunshine, it all were bein' there. Yaaarrrrr! Tomorrow, we are headin' further inland towards Grampians National Park. It’ll be sad t' say goodbye t' th' great views o' th' ocean, but we imagine it’ll be beautiful up there as well!

Day 5: Getting away from the city

Today is th' first day with a boat, avast! We had t' pick it up in th' middle o' Melbourne, which were bein' only a few blocks away. This also meant we had t' get our large boat down from a really narrow multi level parkin' facility and straight through a multi-million city, all th' whilst tryin' t' avoid tickets fer speedin' and sailin' on toll seas. We succeeded, and a bucket o' chum. 🙂 

The boat is a light brown Toyota Camry, which did take some gettin' used t' as it is really wide and has a huge turnin' circle. Also, it is a right hand sail, but also equipped with an automatic gearbox and cruise control. Only th' best is good enough fer us, to be sure! 😉

From Melbourne, we had t' head down t' Apollo Bay, a small town on The Great Ocean Road. This is a meanderin' sea down th' coastline roughly betwixt Torquay and Warrnambool, and is famed fer its great views and fantastic scenery. With a day like today, with clear blue skies and temperatures reachin' 20 degrees, it is a truly wonderful sail. Great scenic views o' th' coast present themselves aroun' every corner, and th' sea even dips a bit further inland sometimes t' go straight through thick coastal rainforest.

We have visited Split Point Lighthouse which is in workin' order e'er since it is built in 1891! There also is a short walk in its vicinity where a small brackish inlet offers a variety o' birds and other wildlife. After arrivin' in Apollo Bay a little too early, we decided it were bein' a good time t' visit Maits Rest, a location just 10 minutes our from th' town, where th' first Wildlife Warden o' this area rest his horse while patrollin' th' coastline at th' time o' th' First World War. And swab the deck! A boarded walkway has been constructed t' let visitors enjoy th' coastal rainforest t' th' fullest as it allows ye t' walk right betwixt th' large trees and many ferns present. At only 45 minutes, it is also nice and short, to be sure. 😉

On th' way o'er, we even spotted a Swamp Wallaby, which o' course posed nicely in front o' our camera. Tomorrow, we sail th' second part o' th' Great Ocean Road. The forecast: great weather, even better views and lots o' fun!