Day 6: On the Great Ocean Road

A quick look out the window this morning told us the weather changed overnight from clear skies to overcast and grey. Today, we are driving the second leg of the Great Ocean Road, all the way to Warrnambool. The first stop today for us however was Cape Otway, where the Cape Otway Lighthouse stands. This is the first Lighthouse around there, and it has been in active operation since 1848. Unfortunately, you can only visit the grounds around it by paying an entrance fee and going on the full tour, and we passed on this as the road ahead was quite long still.

We were there for another matter anyway: koalas. The road leading from the B100 to Cape Otway Lighthouse is famous for the number of Koalas living alongside it. We, however, failed to see any on route to the Cape. It might have been due to the weather though, as it started drizzling. Luckily for us, the rain lifted pretty soon after this, and our luck finding animals returned: on a dirt road just off the main road, we got lucky and found not 1 but three sitting in the same giant tree! With another Koala resting in the tree next to it, the tally went up to four right there! We stood by them and watched the closest one perform acrobatic feats while feeding. Awesome!

On the way back, we even spotted more up to a point where we could look left and see one, and look right to see another. All very fluffy and generally ignoring our presence, these animals are just a treat to look at. The rest of our journey took us further down the Great Ocean Road where we visited the well known highlights on it. These are the Twelve Apostles, Loch Ard Gorge, the Arch, the London Bridge en the Grotto. They all are formations of the limestone rock set out in the sea or right on the shore of the ocean. And they all are really beautiful!

The weather still was acting up, we basically have had all weather types following each other up every 10 minutes. Ranging from drizzle to rain to full on sunshine, it all was there. Tomorrow, we are heading further inland towards Grampians National Park. It’ll be sad to say goodbye to the great views of the ocean, but we imagine it’ll be beautiful up there as well!