We have heard so manual good things about Chobe National Park, and now we are here to see whether till hold up to those stories. Today, we are booked on the half day Game Drive with our lodge into the National Park to see all the animals that present themselves to us.

We started off at 6 AM, which meant we had to be at the reception at 05:45, which is early by all standards. The Activity was also booked by one other couple, which meant that we had a very quiet car today with only 4 of the available 9 seats occupied. This is a good thing: more room is always favourable.

Our drive started off really cold and actually quite boring: for the first 4 hours of the drive, we didn’t see a lot of animals, and of those more common ones we did see we only saw a few. We did not even get to see any Elephant during that time! Luckily for us, it changed after this time, and we started to get some more interesting sightings. A few Giraffe, a small herd of Elephants, some Puku (this antelope was new for us!) and eventually the best of it all, right at the end of the drive: a pack of Lions, hunting for a Warthog. They were everywhere! Behind us, in front of us, and actually right next to the car. This was an amazing sighting!

Later that day, we also were booked on the afternoon boat trip on the Chobe River, to explore the Chobe National Park via the water. We were hoping for a small boat, but were quite disappointed when we saw that it was a huge boat even equipped with its own bar. Oh well. The boat ride itself actually proved to be really good: it gave us everything we had hoped for. Lots of aquatic birds, Hippos and even Elephant feeding on the semi submerged grass of the Sedundu Island (which is a huge floodplain in the middle of the two channels which make up the Chobe River).

Tomorrow, we visit the Victoria Falls, which means crossing over to Zimbabwe. That’ll be something else!

Crossing borders

This is the day we go from Namibia into Botswana, and borders are always a source of ‘stuff’. They usually are busy, hectic, unfamiliar, unclear and if you add the factor Africa into the mix, they also are dirty, crowded and very strict.

The process is quite simple: go out of Namibia by filling in a form and getting your passport stamped, move through the border gate into no mans land, go to the next office on Botswana side and get even more stamps. Also get you car papers checked, pay for the car, go to the border gate, get more car papers checked and stamped, and you are in Botswana.

We arrived soon after in Chobe National Park, and the Chobe Safari Lodge, which by the way is far too large for us. This is mass tourism, and this is also what we don’t like. But, we’re going to play along here, and enjoy it nevertheless. We’ll be here for three nights, and both days will be action packed! 🙂