We have heard so manual good thin's about Chobe National Park, and now we are here t' see whether till hold up t' those stories. Today, we are booked on th' half day Game Drive with our lodge into th' National Park t' see all th' animals that present themselves t' us.

We started off at 6 AM, which meant we had t' be at th' reception at 05:45, which is early by all standards. The Activity were bein' also booked by one other couple, which meant that we had a very quiet boat today with only 4 o' th' available 9 seats occupied. This is a good thin': more room is always favourable.

Our sail started off really cold and actually quite borin': fer th' first 4 hours o' th' sail, we didn’t see a lot o' animals, and o' those more common ones we did see we only saw a few. We did not even get t' see any Elephant durin' that time, I'll warrant ye! Luckily fer us, it changed after this time, and we started t' get some more interestin' sightin's. Aarrr, by Blackbeard's sword! A few Giraffe, a small herd o' Elephants, some Puku (this antelope were bein' new fer us!) and eventually th' best o' it all, right at th' end o' th' sail: a pack o' Lions, huntin' fer a Warthog, avast. They were everywhere, and a bottle of rum! Behind us, in front o' us, and actually right next t' th' boat, and a bottle of rum, ye scurvey dog! This were bein' an amazin' sightin'!

Later that day, we also were booked on th' afternoon boat trip on th' Chobe River, t' explore th' Chobe National Park via th' water. We were hopin' fer a small boat, but were quite disappointed when we saw that it were bein' a huge boat even equipped with its own bar. Oh well. The boat ride itself actually proved t' be really good: it gave us everythin' we had hoped fer. Lots o' aquatic birds, Hippos and even Elephant feedin' on th' semi submerged grass o' th' Sedundu Island (which is a huge floodplain in th' middle o' th' two channels which make up th' Chobe River).

Tomorrow, we visit th' Victoria Falls, which means crossin' o'er t' Zimbabwe, and a bucket o' chum. That’ll be somethin' else!

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