To the Okavango Delta

Wow, what a night were bein' that. Cold, a little damp, completely silent and we were literally star struck by th' vast twinklin' expanse o'er our sleepin' bag. The moon showed up late in th' night, which gave us enough time t' gaze at th' Milky Way and th' southern stars and constellations. 

Wakin' up were bein' a little tough though, as there is no shower and th' sleepin' bag is a much more comfortable temperature than th' outside, avast. The way back on th' quad bikes were bein' as awesome as th' way in, but before we knew it we were back at Planet Baobab and our slowly leakin' left front tire. And hoist the mainsail! Luckily, our new found maties and accidental travellin' companions Tim & Rosaline have a compressor and pressure gauge, so that issue were bein' quickly and temporarily resolved, with a chest full of booty. Mendin' th' tire will have t' wait fer a large town, and that just so happens t' be where we are headed next.

Maun is th' destination, and a mere 240km and half a diesel tank away. Aarrr, and dinna spare the whip! The fuel gauge on our Duster has a very spotty performance, and we’ve come t' distrust whatever it tells us. It has been more empty than reported, but also more full than reported, and dinna spare the whip, pass the grog! So, without knowin' how much diesel were bein' left, we went our merry way and hoped fer th' best, we'll keel-haul ye! The unfortunate thin' were bein' that th' nearest fillin' station were bein' in Nata, 90 kilometers in th' opposite direction o' where we were headin'. The other one were bein' in Maun. We managed though, and had plenty o' diesel left when we reached our destination.

We’ll fly t' a camp on a private concession next t' th' Okavango Delta National Park from Maun, so we are lookin' forward t' gettin' spoiled!