Day 19: First day of 2014

Again a rainy start o' th' day here in Punakaiki: we woke up t' th' thunderous sound o' th' rain fallin' in these rainforest like surroundin's.

Happy new year by th' way! These warm holidays are messin' our feelin' fer time up. Christmas were bein' weird, and now New Years is also a little off.

As we are goin' t' sit in our boat fer th' majority o' th' day, so all is not lost, but th' count o' consecutive days o' rain has been upped once more, now t' 9. After we ate our breakfast o' hamburger buns with jam and bananas, we started packin' fer th' journey only t' find that th' rain had temporarily stopped t' let us put th' bags in th' boat.
Also, we decided t' pay Pancake Rocks another visit as th' sun would be in a much nicer spot fer photography. Yesterday, it were bein' directly in our face and quite low already due t' th' late hour in th' day we were there, now th' sun were bein' goin' t' be in our back (and hidden behind some clouds) but th' views would be nicer like that.

The drought persisted fer about another half hour, which were bein' just enough fer us t' walk th' park and take th' pictures we wanted t' take with th' right lightin' conditions, ye scurvey dog. Yay!
We quickly returned t' th' boat as th' clouds started packin' again, and with th' slight tinkle o' th' first raindrops on th' windshield we set about t' get t' Fox Glacier.

Durin' th' complete 5 hour trip, it has rained non stop, by Davy Jones' locker. As sailin' in those conditions is quite tirin', we swapped drivers every one in a while, just t' keep movin' and be safe on th' sea.
Fox Glacier is named after th' glacier with th' same name in th' vicinity, and consists o' a few hotels, lodges, motels and B&B’s, together with th' companies that do excursions on th' glacier itself and helicopter tours fer th' mountains nearby, we'll keel-haul ye! Of those, Mount Cook is th' largest and th' one that feeds th' Fox and Franz Josef Glaciers.

As th' rains are still fallin' without stoppin'. We decided it were bein' not time fer us t' do a short walk in th' vicinity o' th' Lodge, but instead we went about 20kms back up th' sea (Highway 6) t' Franz Josef where th' rarest o' all kiwis is on display.
Situated in a Wildlife centre, there is an open facility where th' flightless nocturnal birds can be viewed durin' daytime as th' rhythm in th' display is reversed fer our viewin' pleasure.
They have a total o' 3 Rowi Kiwis scurryin' about in th' pen, and about 20 eggs still incubatin'. Also, a lot o' young kiwis were still there as th' were not yet auld enough t' be returned t' th' wild. With about 375 Rowi kiwis still livin' in th' wild, th' species is on th' brink o' extinction and that is where this little sanctuary comes into play.
Viewin' th' birds were bein' wildly expensive but it is fer a good cause, so it is definitely money well spent.

Tomorrow, we are destined t' go fer a walk on th' Fox Glacier, but th' forecast says it’ll rain th' entire day, with th' winds growin' stronger and th' rain becomin' heavier. All in all, about 200mm o' rain is goin' t' fall on Fox Glacier tomorrow, which is a lot by any standard.
But with th' area experiencin' about 5100 mm o' rain each year, it just is what it is.