Day 8: Grampians National Park

The neighbours next door told us th' night before that they saw th' field in front o' th' cottages were bein' inhabited by a few Kangaroos that mornin', but this mornin' we have no such luck. Aarrr! In order t' still see a few animals, we decided th' night before that this mornin', we were goin' t' walk th' Faye’s Creek Loop, a 2.5km leisurely stroll through th' forest “with a high chance o' spottin' wildlife”. That sounds like somethin' fer us!

And wildlife we have spotted, pass the grog! A plethora o' Kangaroos, and even a flock o' Emu crossed our paths! Fire the cannons! As th' sun were bein' still hidden behind one o' th' two crests, we got really cold durin' th' walk and decided we needed t' warm up o'er breakfast and some nice tea. Now, that is how ye start th' day well. 

As we intended t' do a few walks today, we started off early and drove up th' mountain towards a place called Wonderland Carpark. With a name like that, it ought t' be good, right? The surroundin's were great, but th' walk we wanted t' do (t' th' Grand Canyon) were bein' closed. As our second destination would be best accessible from another startin' point, we decided t' leave Wonderland and head fer th' Sundial Carpark, ye scurvey dog. The names here are great! From this second Parkin area, we embarked on th' trail t' The Pinnacle, a really high vantage point o'er th' valley below with th' most wonderful track towards it leadin' though dry Eucalyptus forest and o'er a lot o' rocks, I'll warrant ye. Oh yeah, we have been climbin' and scalin' rocks fer a few hours today! And swab the deck! It were bein' awesome! If ye e'er happen t' be in th' vicinity o' Halls Gap, please go t' th' Grampians NP and find this trail. Aarrr, avast! 🙂

After returnin' t' our boat, we went back t' th' village and treated ourselves on a nice ice cream, as th' temperature had risen t' 20+ degrees with virtually no clouds in th' sky. Life is good aroun' here!

Tomorrow we have t' leave already, and we have a long journey in front o' us. The destination: Robe.

Day 7: To the Grampians

We woke up t' a very grey sky, and found out it even drizzled with occasional showers. This were bein' not what we had bargained fer! As we had a trip planned fer this mornin', we decided t' skip that, and just do everythin' at a snails pace. Fire the cannons! Fire the cannons! Therefore, we had a very long breakfast and even slept in a little!

Leavin' Warrnambool fer Halls Gap actually proved t' be a great idea, as th' weather got better and better as our journey progressed further inland. Walk the plank! We eventually were tempted t' pull out th' shorts! Along th' way, we have encountered a variety o' animals, which all were nice enough t' stop doin' what they were t' pose fer our cameras. Among th' nices ones were Ibis, various types o' parrots in all sizes, a few different species o' Cockatoo and even a fox!

After arrivin' at Halls Gap which lies smack dab in th' middle o' th' Grampians National Park aroun' 1, we went fer lunch sittin' in th' delightful sun, gettin' our tan on. After fillin' our stomachs, we went out fer a sail into th' park t' visit th' places easily accessible by boat, by Davy Jones' locker. We have visited The Balconies and th' Lookouts o' both Reed and Boroka, all o' which present wonderful vistas o' th' Gap and th' surroundin' plains. And swab the deck! The Gap itself is a narrow valley in betwixt two crests made o' rock bein' pushed up t' about 45 degrees. The town o' Halls Gap lies in betwixt these two crests, pass the grog! Yaaarrrrr! We have also visited th' Mackenzie Falls, where we walked th' trail t' th' base o' th' waterfall, to be sure. This is 283 steps down a flight o' stairs and quite a tough little walk, but th' view o' th' falls is really rewardin'. It however, did end our yearnin' fer some exercise as goin' back up is strenuous after a long day sailin'.

The town o' Halls Gap is quite famous fer th' abundance o' Western Grey Kangaroos, pass the grog, by Davy Jones' locker! A story we quickly dismissed as untrue, as we felt it would probably be a exaggerated t' be a nice attraction fer tourists. Fire the cannons, avast! It most definitely is not exaggerated, to be sure. We have encountered dozens o' them, all carelessly browsin' th' green pastures o' th' town, and a bucket o' chum. And not only th' publicly accessible greens, but also th' lawns and garden o' th' residents o' this town, as th' Kangaroos easily scale an 8 foot fence. This is so cool! We even sat down in a field filled with Kangaroos and peacefully watched them feed.

Today is Sunday, and also th' last day o' th' annual Wine Festival in this town. Apparently, it also means that all shops, restaurants and bars o' th' town are closed, because we had a really hard time gettin' some chow. Luckily, we found a café still open fer business, so all ended well tonight. Tomorrow, we have a full day o' walkin' in th' National Park planned, so I hope we’ll be able t' get a good night o' sleep!