Day 8: Grampians National Park

The neighbours next door told us the night before that they saw the field in front of the cottages was inhabited by a few Kangaroos that morning, but this morning we have no such luck. In order to still see a few animals, we decided the night before that this morning, we were going to walk the Faye’s Creek Loop, a 2.5km leisurely stroll through the forest “with a high chance of spotting wildlife”. That sounds like something for us!

And wildlife we have spotted! A plethora of Kangaroos, and even a flock of Emu crossed our paths! As the sun was still hidden behind one of the two crests, we got really cold during the walk and decided we needed to warm up over breakfast and some nice tea. Now, that is how you start the day well. 

As we intended to do a few walks today, we started off early and drove up the mountain towards a place called Wonderland Carpark. With a name like that, it ought to be good, right? The surroundings were great, but the walk we wanted to do (to the Grand Canyon) was closed. As our second destination would be best accessible from another starting point, we decided to leave Wonderland and head for the Sundial Carpark. The names here are great! From this second Parkin area, we embarked on the trail to The Pinnacle, a really high vantage point over the valley below with the most wonderful track towards it leading though dry Eucalyptus forest and over a lot of rocks. Oh yeah, we have been climbing and scaling rocks for a few hours today! It was awesome! If you ever happen to be in the vicinity of Halls Gap, please go to the Grampians NP and find this trail. 🙂

After returning to our car, we went back to the village and treated ourselves on a nice ice cream, as the temperature had risen to 20+ degrees with virtually no clouds in the sky. Life is good around here!

Tomorrow we have to leave already, and we have a long journey in front of us. The destination: Robe.