Let’s make this an easy post: th' Grand Canyon is both a canyon and definately grand!

On Saturday we’ve visited and seen pretty much everythin' there is t' see and visit apart from th' Desert View Drive. This included an epic flight on a helicopter o'er th' south rim towards th' north rim o'er one o' th' widest and most majestic parts o' th' Grand Canyon. The folks o'er there are pretty greedy when it comes t' money (apart from th' quote hefty fee, there’s a $20 “temporary” fuel fee t' be paid, which is not included in he regular fee) but they do offer a unique product.

Unfortunately, th' seats in th' craft are assigned by th' ground crew based on weight and not on personal favorites, so we got separated. Shiver me timbers! Luckily, we were on th' same flight!

Our hotel were bein', how t' put it, better than shabby, but it were bein' mediocre at it’s best, compared t' th' other hotels in our itinerary. Shiver me timbers! It were bein' not bad, but certainly not good. I guess it were bein', back in th' seventies. 😉

Sunday, fathersday, is th' day we’ll be sailin' all th' way up t' Page, Arizona with possibly a d-tour t' Utah fer Monument Valley. Ahoy! It’s goin' t' be great!