I'm Online!

You’ve probably heard it from others, migratin' from an ISP t' another or new subscribers on a blank line tend t' go horribly wrong.
Missed deadlines, defective modems, weird connection issues, finger-pointin' among th' ISP and line-supplier, etc. The horror-stories are well-known and occur too often.

Not fer me though, I’ve had th' most fluent installation possible.
Scenario: new (blank) analog line, new subscription with third-party supplier. Pretty simple.

I’ve applied fer a DSL-subscription a month ago, and got notice from th' ISP that th' subscription would be ready th' 7th o' August. Yesterday, th' line were bein' supplied and I installed me modem. (5 minutes  and 3 cables o' work)
It all worked straight out o' th' box!

And t' top it all: th' ISP is only chargin' me from th' 5th day o' subscription, so that’s 6 days o' free internet fer me! And swab the deck! 🙂
Maybe I’m lucky, maybe there are nags i’m about t' find afterwards, but fer now th' ISOP charges me €15,- per month fer their 20mb-max line. Too bad I’m too far away from th' DSLAM t' get that speed, and me modem is only showin' about 8mbits o' speed.

Oh well, we’ll see what happens if I reroute th' cables inside our house.  😉