I'm Online!

You’ve probably heard it from others, migrating from an ISP to another or new subscribers on a blank line tend to go horribly wrong.
Missed deadlines, defective modems, weird connection issues, finger-pointing among the ISP and line-supplier, etc. The horror-stories are well-known and occur too often.

Not for me though, I’ve had the most fluent installation possible.
Scenario: new (blank) analog line, new subscription with third-party supplier. Pretty simple.

I’ve applied for a DSL-subscription a month ago, and got notice from the ISP that the subscription would be ready the 7th of August. Yesterday, the line was supplied and I installed my modem. (5 minutes  and 3 cables of work)
It all worked straight out of the box!

And to top it all: the ISP is only charging me from the 5th day of subscription, so that’s 6 days of free internet for me! 🙂
Maybe I’m lucky, maybe there are nags i’m about to find afterwards, but for now the ISOP charges me €15,- per month for their 20mb-max line. Too bad I’m too far away from the DSLAM to get that speed, and my modem is only showing about 8mbits of speed.

Oh well, we’ll see what happens if I reroute the cables inside our house.  😉

4 thoughts on “I'm Online!”

  1. I’m now Online with Online/Orange/Wanadoo over their own Orange-network (I believe it to be their own, as BBNed or BabyDSL don’t have the reach in my general area, KPN is too expensive and Versatel only sells their product via Tele2).

    Mainly, the installation was the following four steps:
    1) Plug RJ-11 telephone-cable from phone in contact labelled “PHONE”
    2) Plug RJ-11 telephone-cable from IS/RA in contact labelled “LINE”
    3) Plug RJ-45 LAN-cable in both LAN-adapter on laptop and contact labelled “PC1”
    4) Plug AC-adapter in both socket and modem.
    “Und watchen das blinkenlichten!”

    It all worked flawlessly while the manual spoke of software-installation via a CD. Oh well, that would be for the true newbies. 😉

    1. Yeah I am!
      Although I’m not using it as much as I would like to (I’m pretending to be too busy and such) it’s great.
      Stable connection, low prices, wireless modem. What is not to like?

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