Some patience required

Finally, after over half a year of waiting, and stressing the vendor to finally complete our order, the final pieces of our table have been delivered!

With over 6 months of looking at white inserts in our table, they are today replaced for the official slabs of lay we originally purchased.

Below is the final result, and for those who’ve visited us: they look way better. 🙂

Note: yes, we’ve gotten compensation for the looooooooong wait. 😉

I'm Online!

You’ve probably heard it from others, migrating from an ISP to another or new subscribers on a blank line tend to go horribly wrong.
Missed deadlines, defective modems, weird connection issues, finger-pointing among the ISP and line-supplier, etc. The horror-stories are well-known and occur too often.

Not for me though, I’ve had the most fluent installation possible.
Scenario: new (blank) analog line, new subscription with third-party supplier. Pretty simple.

I’ve applied for a DSL-subscription a month ago, and got notice from the ISP that the subscription would be ready the 7th of August. Yesterday, the line was supplied and I installed my modem. (5 minutes  and 3 cables of work)
It all worked straight out of the box!

And to top it all: the ISP is only charging me from the 5th day of subscription, so that’s 6 days of free internet for me! 🙂
Maybe I’m lucky, maybe there are nags i’m about to find afterwards, but for now the ISOP charges me €15,- per month for their 20mb-max line. Too bad I’m too far away from the DSLAM to get that speed, and my modem is only showing about 8mbits of speed.

Oh well, we’ll see what happens if I reroute the cables inside our house.  😉

Bathroom: done! – update IV

After a quiet period, the unexpected has happened: our lavabo has been delivered to our supplier!

TheY gave me a call a few minutes ago asking whether they could deliver it sometime this afternoon.
Yeah right, ‘some time’. It should be between 16:30 and 16:45, or else would it not be delivered before Friday afternoon. Out goes all flexibility…

I’ll be heading off from work early today, which is only a good thing as my Oracle-installation has been giving me nightmares the last few days.
I’m trying to get DBXE, Soa Suite and BAM on one machine working, which is kind of a pain in the proverbial butt.

Oh well, we’ll see. Tonight some pics I hope!

Postponing DIY

After working frantically on the house to get it ‘livable’, we’ve decided to take it a little easier during weekdays. No more DIY’ing after work, just dedicated weekend-DIY. That’ll be good for our sleep at night, as we have more time on our hands to do other things, like watching television, cleaning up and looking after our bunnies & holiday sleep-over guinea-pig.

This weekend, there’s some lighting to attach to walls and ceilings, more cleaning up, and installing (digital) TV throughout the house. I’m already looking forward to having completed those tasks. 😉

Moving time!

Today, I filed my address change with my employer to notify them that I’ll be moving over the weekend!
Next Monday the 14th, we will be living together in our house, and you’ll all be able to reach us on our new address (and phone number).

Official notifications for a planned visit will follow sometime after this. Stay tuned!

(Yes: we still don’t have a lot of furniture, and the stuff that we do have is flawed. We’ll manage, and you’ll just have to bear with us in due time. 😉 )

A minor setback

Something had to go wrong after our streak of good luck over the past few weeks.
All the colors worked out great, virtually no hidden faults, we didn’t break anything major in the house and there was no leaking going on even when the rain was pouring down.

Yesterday, the first batch of furniture was due to be delivered, and it was. The guys were just in time, the mobile payment went terrific and all pieces were carried inside just fine. After we got home, we started unpacking only to find several mishaps.

First of all, the chairs at the dining table were whelded with such speed, the whelds were not trimmed and polished leaving a less then smooth surface and on several places even rust. I know they weren’t really expensive, but that is just not acceptable. Furthermore, when unpacking the coffee table turned out to be a pretty off.
It should have slate slabs as it’s tabletop, yet these were made too big. The table is made to fit 58cmx58cm slabs, while the slabs themselves are 58×59cm. An entire centimeter off! Also, the stone was stained on a few places, of the kind that does not come off.

Today, we will contact the vendor to try and resolve the issues with our furniture, and to complement them on the great diningtable we’ve received. The only piece of furniture without dings, and we absolutely love it. We just hope the issues will be resolved swiftly, as the slate probably took 3 months to get to us. And I know that is just way too long. Alas, we’ll see what happens today.
Wish us luck!

Update 14:00: we filed two separate complaints, and the vendor assured us in a separate phone call they’ll do their very best to assess the validity of the complaints within a week. That’s not specifically what we bargained for, and I’m disappointed by the buraucracy of the procedure, but I’m guessing we’ll just have to play by their rules…

Bathroom: done!

Yesterday, the workmen have finished the bathroom as far as they could. We’re really happy with the way the room has turned out even though it’s not finished yet!

Due to the fact that some things have been ordered but could not be delivered in time, a few bits and pieces were not installed, and the workmen have to come back to install those items too. Unfortunately, the time for the items to be delivered is estimated today to be 2 weeks at least, so it’ll be quite some time before the bathroom will be finished.
Luckily, we do not live there yet, so there is no need for us to brush our teeth or take a shower in our own bathroom just yet.

I forgot to make some photo’s yesterday, I hope to do so tonight or otherwise tomorrow.
I am kind of disappointed by my fatigue right now, so I’m not the most energetic person this week. 😉

BTW: I would really like to thank Timmey for helping us out with painting last Saturday. Here’s some pics of him avoiding me. 🙂 BTW: Claudia: you’re still welcome to help out! You’re also welcome to visit us some time soon, when we’re done decorating to drink some tea and coffee. 😉

Weekly update house, part 1

Here we go, it has been a full week and a lot has happened over the past 7 days.

We’ve been painting frantically to get as much done as possible to be ready when the furniture arrives.

So far, I can proudly announce thet nothing is completed!
Just kidding, we’ve got a lot of the walls painted and all but 2 ceilings, so we’ve made huge progress on those parts. Also, nearly all doors and posts are finished, there’s only the finishing touches to do there together with some odd ones left out.

BTW: no more orange on the blog
BTW2: I hope to post some more pics soon!