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Some patience required

Finally, after over half a year of waiting, and stressing the vendor to finally complete our order, the final pieces of our table have been delivered! With over 6 months of looking at white inserts in our table, they are… Continue Reading →

I'm Online!

You’ve probably heard it from others, migrating from an ISP to another or new subscribers on a blank line tend to go horribly wrong. Missed deadlines, defective modems, weird connection issues, finger-pointing among the ISP and line-supplier, etc. The horror-stories… Continue Reading →

Bathroom: done! – update IV

After a quiet period, the unexpected has happened: our lavabo has been delivered to our supplier! TheY gave me a call a few minutes ago asking whether they could deliver it sometime this afternoon. Yeah right, ‘some time’. It should… Continue Reading →

Postponing DIY

After working frantically on the house to get it ‘livable’, we’ve decided to take it a little easier during weekdays. No more DIY’ing after work, just dedicated weekend-DIY. That’ll be good for our sleep at night, as we have more… Continue Reading →

Moving time!

Today, I filed my address change with my employer to notify them that I’ll be moving over the weekend! Next Monday the 14th, we will be living together in our house, and you’ll all be able to reach us on… Continue Reading →

A minor setback

Something had to go wrong after our streak of good luck over the past few weeks. All the colors worked out great, virtually no hidden faults, we didn’t break anything major in the house and there was no leaking going… Continue Reading →

Bathroom: done! – update III

And there they are, the pictures of the state the bathroom is in right now. 😉 As a few bits & pieces are still backordered (lavabo, accessories, etc) so the guys have to come back in a couple of weeks… Continue Reading →

Bathroom: done! – update II

Even though I promised to take some pictures of the finishied bathroom, I didn’t get around to do so. Instead, I really promise to do so tonight, and will leave you with the backposting of some pics of the bathroom… Continue Reading →

Bathroom: done!

Yesterday, the workmen have finished the bathroom as far as they could. We’re really happy with the way the room has turned out even though it’s not finished yet! Due to the fact that some things have been ordered but… Continue Reading →

Weekly update house, part 1

Here we go, it has been a full week and a lot has happened over the past 7 days. We’ve been painting frantically to get as much done as possible to be ready when the furniture arrives. So far, I… Continue Reading →

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