Bathroom: done!

Yesterday, the workmen have finished the bathroom as far as they could. We’re really happy with the way the room has turned out even though it’s not finished yet!

Due to the fact that some things have been ordered but could not be delivered in time, a few bits and pieces were not installed, and the workmen have to come back to install those items too. Unfortunately, the time for the items to be delivered is estimated today to be 2 weeks at least, so it’ll be quite some time before the bathroom will be finished.
Luckily, we do not live there yet, so there is no need for us to brush our teeth or take a shower in our own bathroom just yet.

I forgot to make some photo’s yesterday, I hope to do so tonight or otherwise tomorrow.
I am kind of disappointed by my fatigue right now, so I’m not the most energetic person this week. 😉

BTW: I would really like to thank Timmey for helping us out with painting last Saturday. Here’s some pics of him avoiding me. 🙂 BTW: Claudia: you’re still welcome to help out! You’re also welcome to visit us some time soon, when we’re done decorating to drink some tea and coffee. 😉

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    Maarten says:

    Dunno, although he makes devilishly delightful french fries!

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