A minor setback

Something had to go wrong after our streak of good luck over the past few weeks.
All the colors worked out great, virtually no hidden faults, we didn’t break anything major in the house and there was no leaking going on even when the rain was pouring down.

Yesterday, the first batch of furniture was due to be delivered, and it was. The guys were just in time, the mobile payment went terrific and all pieces were carried inside just fine. After we got home, we started unpacking only to find several mishaps.

First of all, the chairs at the dining table were whelded with such speed, the whelds were not trimmed and polished leaving a less then smooth surface and on several places even rust. I know they weren’t really expensive, but that is just not acceptable. Furthermore, when unpacking the coffee table turned out to be a pretty off.
It should have slate slabs as it’s tabletop, yet these were made too big. The table is made to fit 58cmx58cm slabs, while the slabs themselves are 58×59cm. An entire centimeter off! Also, the stone was stained on a few places, of the kind that does not come off.

Today, we will contact the vendor to try and resolve the issues with our furniture, and to complement them on the great diningtable we’ve received. The only piece of furniture without dings, and we absolutely love it. We just hope the issues will be resolved swiftly, as the slate probably took 3 months to get to us. And I know that is just way too long. Alas, we’ll see what happens today.
Wish us luck!

Update 14:00: we filed two separate complaints, and the vendor assured us in a separate phone call they’ll do their very best to assess the validity of the complaints within a week. That’s not specifically what we bargained for, and I’m disappointed by the buraucracy of the procedure, but I’m guessing we’ll just have to play by their rules…