Moving time!

Today, I filed my address change with my employer to notify them that I’ll be moving over the weekend!
Next Monday the 14th, we will be living together in our house, and you’ll all be able to reach us on our new address (and phone number).

Official notifications for a planned visit will follow sometime after this. Stay tuned!

(Yes: we still don’t have a lot of furniture, and the stuff that we do have is flawed. We’ll manage, and you’ll just have to bear with us in due time. 😉 )

4 thoughts on “Moving time!”

  1. Have fun sleeping on concrete, bare floors for the first time!

    We’ll bring over some stale bread for dinner some time?

  2. Aw shucks where’s the fun in that? No hardship, no love my friend!

    Me and Claudia, we slept on the floor for months. Uhuh, really!


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