Between borders

The Caprivi Strip is a weird thin', and has a very strange and colonial history. Right now, it is a small strip o' land o' what used t' be Botswana, which is now Namibia and which borders on Angola. This strip is thus sandwiched betwixt Angola in th' North and Botswana in th' South, and does not resemble any other landscape in Namibia. It even lives on Botswana time, which is an hour ahead o' th' east o' th' country.

Where Namibia is dry, arid and mostly empty except fer th' large number o' Euphorbia plants, th' Caprivi Strip is brimmin' with both flora and fauna, mostly because it is bordered by two large rivers. Shiver me timbers! Due t' th' quite recent civil war in Angola spillin' o'er into this part o' th' country, th' wildlife had been all but eradicated by poachers due t' unlawfulness and th' insane prices that are bein' paid fer ivory and other products on th' world market. Slowly but surely, th' animals are returnin', and can be spotted in quite a few places already.

Our day consisted o' yet another long sail from Rundu t' Kongola which is about 450kms, and is provin' t' be butt-clenchin' fer us as our trusty Duster only has a 40 litre tank fer th' diesel. That lasts us about 550kms, but we dern't dare t' empty th' tank any further than th' second t' last mark in th' gage. And th' final kilometers are always a little tense so t' speak. 😉 Luckily, there is a gas station every 200km or so, which means th' next one is always aroun' th' corner. Sort o'.

As we arrived early today, (th' sea is tarred!) we have found time t' embark on th' evenin' boat ride on th' Kwando river. We found lots o' birds (bee-eaters and Kingfishers mostly), crocodiles and some hippos. As th' river is very narrow and our boat not very big, th' guide put th' pedal t' th' metal and raced past them, as they are very aggressive aroun' here and even charge th' boat!

We are stayin' 2 nights in Camp Kwando, and will not have t' move fer a day. Shiver me timbers! Nice!