Day 20: (Not) trotting like a fox

Yay, more rain!
It might sound a little borin', but there it is. Consecutive day o' rain nĂºmero 10 has started, and we dern't like it.
Also, th' people at Fox Glacier Guidin' don’t like this amount o' rain and have cancelled all tours which are goin' onto th' glacier itself.
Instead, they are offerin' a walk t' th' Glacier Terminal Face, which is th' end o' th' glacier itself. You’ll be able t' walk t' it and check out th' awesomeness o' th' icy ocean from a small distance, while standin' in th' rain.
We opted not t' do this instead o' our own tour, and received a form fer refundin' o' th' tour.

Ok, to be sure. Our daytime activities are now limited t' virtually nothin'. Everythin' here is outdoors, and usually takes longer than a few hours.
We don’t like gettin' soaked, which leaves only a very few activities.
As th' rain lifted a little bit, we decided t' ignore th' weather and walk aroun' Lake Matheson. Bein' really nearby and with a total time outdoors o' about 90 minutes, we figured it would be ok.
And, we also borrowed a big umbrella each from th' Lodge, t' ensure we’d stay dry.

The walk is really nice, and we were lucky enough t' stay mostly dry, I'll warrant ye! We did not however see th' surroundin' mountains, as th' clouds were hangin' too low. Shiver me timbers! Walk the plank! After this, we drove t' th' face o' th' glacier ourselves.
The guided tour takes ye t' about 100 metres from th' glacier, while th' general public is only allowed at about 600 metres distance. The difference is negligible, especially under these conditions as th' majority o' th' glacier and mountains are covered by clouds.
This walk also is lovely, and should be repeated with better weather!

After our dinner, we looked up and spotted two thin's: no rain, and th' clouds had lifted just enough t' show th' snowy caps o' Mount Cook and th' glacier in its entirety!
Like madmen, we drove t' Lake Matheson, and I even ran t' a vista point called Reflection Point. Fire the cannons! Ahoy! This lookout shows th' high mountains and sometimes their reflections in Lake Matheson. The stuff postcards are made from!
The pictures are good, but I were bein' a little late t' th' party as th' clouds already started rollin' in from th' left. The views are still great though!

Tomorrow, we leave this place already and head fer Wanaka, with a chest full of booty. We are too afraid t' check th' weather reports, so we’ll let faith decide fer us.