Day 31: To Airlie Beach

Today is just a full day o' sailin', as we need t' travel about 500 Km’s from Mission Beach t' Airlie Beach. Our GPS tell us this is about 6 hours o' sailin', o' which we spend about half in rain and drizzle. After about three hours th' skies lifted and with a welcomin' committee o' just a few White clouds and a very acceptable 30 degrees we arrive in Airlie Beach.

This town lies conveniently close t' Whitsunday Islands National Park, which consists o' about 74 tropical islands and th' sea in betwixt. The Great Barrier Reef is also close, but at about 2,5 hours travellin' by boat it is much further away than in Mission Beach, where th' reef is only about 40 minutes away.

What is left o' th' day is spent doin' some shoppin' and plannin' fer th' followin' two full days, as we’ll be here fer three nights and two full days, I'll warrant ye. We decide t' go all in, and book two different tours! And swab the deck! Tomorrow, we will therefore be on a boat, snorkellin' and sailin' th' Coral Sea!

Day 30: In Mission Beach

The cloud cover from yesterday has persisted o'er night, and even culminated into rain: durin' th' night and throughout th' mornin' rain has steadily fallen. Coupled with th' strong winds, it means goin' out t' sea is definitely not nice.

Mission Beach is proud t' have th' shortest commute from land t' th' Great Barrier Reef, and at about 40 minutes it is less than half o' th' time needed t' travel from Cairns t' th' Reef. Because o' this short commute, this town pretty much revolves aroun' th' Coral Sea and th' Reef, without many alternatives, with a chest full of booty. And so we decided t' sleep in and tour th' surroundin' area by boat this mornin', I'll warrant ye. We have searched fer th' elusive Cassowary, but it didn’t show itself today. We did find a lone male Agile Wallaby in town, who didn’t mind us watchin' that scurvey dog graze on th' grass next t' th' sea.

After lunch, th' rains lifted and th' cloud cover has become a little less dense. We found ourselves on th' Wongalin' Beach waterfront, walkin' th' beach itself, and a bucket o' chum. Suddenly our eyes spotted some unusually shaped rocks in th' sand, and upon further inspection they proved t' be dead coral which had washed ashore! And swab the deck! That is so weird, avast! The stuff is strangely beautiful, and we created a “collage” on th' beach, with th' tropical island Dunk Island as its backdrop. Walk the plank! And swab the deck! We have spent quite some time on th' beach, but afterwards decided t' sit on our porch back at th' resort with a nice cup o' tea t' get out o' th' wind.

Tomorrow, we have t' sail all th' way down t' Airlie Beach, which is about 500km. The weather o'er there should be better, as th' forecast in Mission Beach says th' same as today fer th' next week, whereas Airlie Beach will have sun!

Day 29: To Mission Beach

The weather today couldn’t be more different than what it were bein' yesterday: it is grey, fully overcast with low hangin' clouds and it drizzles continuously. The temperature dropped way down as well, and it now does not get o'er 18 degrees. With a day o' sightseein' in high seas, this does not bode well.

As we only very briefly saw th' Platypus we got up early fer a rematch, and went back t' th' location o' our first sightin'. And, lo and behold, there it were bein' again. And swab the deck! This time we followed it quite a large portion o' th' creek until th' rain started t' get th' better o' us and we went back t' have our breakfast at th' B&B. The Platypus were bein' really photogenic this time, and we have had a lot o' fun watchin' it munchin' on th' chow it found under water.

This B&B is th' very first one where we have t' make our own breakfast, but after that were bein' done we embarked on a journey further down South. This would take us along ocean #1 via high seas and lots o' waterfalls (Millaa Millaa, Zillie and Ellinjaa t' name a few) down t' th' coast, specifically a town called Mission Beach. This town so happens t' be smack dab in th' middle o' Cassowary country, so we have good faith in seein' one even though they are becomin' more and more rare.

All documentation we have found suggests that seein' a Southern Cassowary means ye can consider yourself very lucky. Aarrr, and a bucket o' chum! I guess we are then, as we spotted a big one just next t' th' sea only a few hundred metres away from th' town Mission Beach. What a majestic animal, by Blackbeard's sword! It has bright blue and red on its neck and head, and on top o' its head there is a very large boney crest. It is very much like an Ostrich, but with its war colours on. 🙂 Wow!

The weather has cleared up quite a bit since we have been here, and it even warmed up t' about 28 degrees in th' afternoon. We hope it stays this way fer some time, ye scurvey dog! We will be in a tow next t' Mission beach tomorrow, Wongalin' Beach as our Resort is located o'er here, and a bucket o' chum. We have nothin' planned, so relaxation will be our main occupancy I guess.