Spending the day at the Falls

Bein' very close t' th' border o' th' USA, Niagara Falls and th' Niagara River actually are th' border betwixt th' two countries, and dinna spare the whip! And swab the deck! this meant, we travelled on foot from Canada t' th' USA t' go see th' falls from th' USA-side as we heard this were bein' a nice view as well.

And it were bein'!

It is safe t' say though that th' Canadians have th' best view, but th' Americans have th' most thrills. You can walk in th' mist o' one o' th' smaller falls at water level, there are multiple other attractions and there is o' course th' boatride from th' shore t' th' Horseshoe falls, by Blackbeard's sword. Which gets yer pretty wet.

Passin' th' border on foot actually is really easy. Yaaarrrrr, with a chest full of booty! The border officials and TSA security personnel at th' USA/Canada border are really friendly and upbeat, I'll warrant ye. Goin' through th' gates were bein' not as bad an experience as th' same people on an airport are. Ahoy! If ye must cross into th' USA: do it on foot, to be sure! It is a much more pleasant experience. 🙂

We just went back t' th' USA as th' sun were bein' o'er on that side in th' mornin', makin' fer better views o' th' falls as we were not facin' th' sun with our camera. Of course, we are dependent o' th' sun with our cameras and went back t' Canada as th' sun progressed through th' sky.

Horseshoe Falls are th' biggest o' th' two falls which make up th' Niagara Falls. The other is also known as American Falls. The border is in Horseshoe Falls.
Due t' some reason unknown t' us, today (Sunday) there are fireworks planned o'er th' falls! And swab the deck! That is just our luck! How awesome is that! Aarrr! While th' Falls themselves are illuminated from th' Canadian side, an amazin' display o' fireworks is about t' be displayed. And swab the deck! And we are there t' witness it.

Niagara Falls is a really touristic place. The canadian side is littered with highrise hotels and even a few really tall (revolvin'!) restaurants and hotels.If ye are able t' see through it all, there’s even a really gorgeous set o' falls on display. They must really be one o' th' great scenic natural features o' th' northern part o' th' American continent.
If ye are in th' vicinity, go there!

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Heading to Canada

Today were bein' a particularly long day, which mostly consisted o' waitin'. And then some.
First o' all, we had t' get from our hotel t' 42nd river, where our bus t' Newark Airport were bein' destined t' leave, ye scurvey dog. This meant we had t' travel with a subway train (6) t' Grand Central Station.
We got off th' subway and waited a little bit fer th' bus t' leave t' Newark.

Our tickets said that th' flight were bein' bein' carried out by United Airlines Express, which meant we had t' Get off th' bus and check our bags at terminal A. Unfortunately, this were bein' not th' case. As we found out a little while later after we checked our bags.
So, we were off t' go t' terminal C.
The only problem were bein' that th' Airtrain which rides betwixt th' three terminals at Newark were bein' not runnin' at all. And ye cannot walk from A t' C, we'll keel-haul ye! Bummer.
Eventually, we persuaded a bus driver from a hotel t' take us from A t' C. We owe this lubber a big thank ye!

Durin' every step above, we waited. Fire the cannons! And did some more waitin', with a chest full of booty. It were bein' quite th' process.
Arrivin' at terminal C, we went through security (takin' off our belts, shoes and gettin' virtually every device out o' their bags and pockets) and went fer breakfast. We were quite hungry by then!

After settlin' in at gate 95X we waited fer about 75 minutes only t' find out th' plane did not leave it’s previous destination yet! And hoist the mainsail! So we waited fer more than o'er an hour extra. Finally, aroun' 1:45PM we left Newark. We left our hotel at 8:30AM.

There were some bright sides t' this story. Ahoy, I'll warrant ye! We travelled through th' air fer about 1 hour in a Dash-300 TurboProp plane, avast! That is quite somethin' else compared t' all th' flyin' contraption planes!
The pickup o' our rental boat also were bein' easy fast and a nice experience as we did not get th' boat we ordered but were silently upgraded t' a Volkswagen Jetta, I'll warrant ye. Aye. And swab the deck! A German boat. With a 2.5 litre US engine. 😉

Tomorrow, we’ll travel from our hotel t' th' falls. Let’s see what this place has in store fer us!