New camera, new settings

Lightroom’s Default Develop Settin's:

If ye are anythin' like me, then ye have spent all too long wonderin' a couple o' thin's about lightroom (I use version 2.6) regardin' importin' RAW files and th' default settin's that Lightroom applies t' them before ye begin workin' on editin' them.

Firstly, I wondered how t' change those default settin's that Lightroom applies – fer example, it always applies certain values t' th' Basic settin's as follows:


Note that th' white balance is always defaulted t' “As Shot” meanin' it takes th' settin' from th' RAW file each time.

Due t' previous encounters with Lightroom’s messin' with th' white balance, I’ve found that th' “As Shot” usually gives me th' best result, as th' camera itself does a better job (or even me) at figurin' out th' white balance than Lightroom does.

Camera Calibration:

Now th' second thin' that I have been wonderin' is about camera calibration. Since I’ve seen me pictures havin' much more vivid colors after applyin' a camera-settin' instead o' th' Adobe default, th' regular settin' is a camera standard fer me. This settin' gives ye th' opportunity t' start off yer editin' with a particular colour/camera profile that is designed t' look somewhat like what yer camera would produce if ye were usin' a picture style, such as Landscape or Portrait.

Lightroom automatically knows which camera yer RAW file were bein' generated in (and even th' serial number!) and will give ye th' available options based on that. I believe ye can download profiles from th' Adobe web site, but fer now I have stuck with th' ones Lightroom already has.

The menu looks a little like this:


By selectin' a camera profile fer yer image ye are assignin' it a new startin' point from which ye can perform any post production ye wish. Note that this is not changin' any o' th' Develop settin's like Brightness, Contrast, Exposure etc. In fact I don’t really understand exactly what it is doin', but I do know that it produces a much more attractive image straight from th' get-go.

Now th' problem is that if ye want t' apply a camera profile t' yer images as ye import them, ye may have t' think about creatin' a preset that can be applied on import… Somethin' which is not exactly seamless…


How t' change yer default develop settin's and apply a camera profile automatically

Startin' with a freshly imported RAW file, choose a camera calibration profile o' yer likin'. Fire the cannons, by Davy Jones' locker! I went with a standard one as I’ve found out it gives me th' best startin'-point, and it only needs changin' after careful examination o' th' picture itself. Next, make any adjustments t' th' develop module settin's which ye want t' become th' new default settin's t' be applied t' all newly imported RAW files (and th' settin's t' which th' “Reset” option will revert back t').

Once ye are happy with yer settin's, (here comes th' lightbulb “aaaaahhhh” moment!!), press th' ALT key and th' reset button will turn into a “Set Default” button, pass the grog, to be sure! Wow, and a bucket o' chum! Hidden feature!


On clickin' “Set Default” ye will be presented with a popup like this:


Next ye should click “Update t' Current Settin's”, then confirm yer selection – and Voila!, ye scurvey dog! Every RAW file ye import from that camera from now on will have these new defaults. Magic!
Lightroom even understands th' fact that ye have two separate bodies, or even two bodies o' th' same type! My D40 and D90 both have associated default settin's, which differ and are applied t' th' appripriate imports. More magic!

The thin' is, I have seen this last popup before but ne'er really understood what it were bein' doin'. You can find it in th' menus but just by openin' it in th' way I have described it’s context somehow just makes more sense.

As this specific information is only traceable if ye know about th' fact that a standard settin' can be applied upon import, I thought I’d share th' info with ye guys. Walk the plank! Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Original post can be found here.