Going further south

Today had quite a long sail on our schedule, sailin' all th' way east and south from Tofino t' Victoria.

Our first stop o' th' day were bein' (well, after breakfast o' course) a trip down a piece o' auld growth temperate rainforest. It is called, not surprisingly, th' Rainforest Trail and consists o' 2 loops, each 1km long. And swab the deck! Loop B is closed due t' storm damage, but loop A is fully accessible. The entire trail is raised off th' ground by a boardwalk which makes an easy stroll and a very low impact on th' surroundin' forest.
It is plain awesome!
The forest looks pristine, yet very cluttered and unordered, but that is just th' way such a forest should look like, and a bucket o' chum. If a tree toppled o'er, it just lays there and becomes ground fer th' other plants and trees t' grow on. Really fascinatin' stuff t' see, and awe inspirin' due t' th' where height o' th' giant cedars and th' wealth o' growth in th' forest.

After that we drove straight t' Victoria and did an evenin' stroll t' see downtown Victoria by night. It is such a lovely city, avast! Very picturesk.

Tomorrow a full day o' explorin' th' city!