Day 13: To Manuel Antonio

Today, we have got a full day o' sailin' ahead o' us. From Rincón de la Vieja where we woke up this mornin' t' Manuel Antonio National Park is about 275kms or 4.5 hours o' sailin'.
That is long and far, at least fer Costa Rican standards!

Luckily, th' seas are way better than we have previously seen o'er here. Most o' th' time th' maximum speed is 80km/h instead o' th' 60 we are used t', and th' seas are tarred and in good condition compared t' th' seas on th' Caribbean side o' th' country.
This means th' 275kms can be sailin' within a day. Ahoy, I'll warrant ye! It is only a good thin' that we started off early this mornin', we left th' B&B aroun' 8am.

We entered th' town o' Manuel Antonio aroun' 2pm, right after we had lunch in a Soda next t' th' sea, on,y t' find that th' room would be ready in 20 minutes. We could spend th' time waitin' in th' (closed) bar/restaurant/patio area.
As we were runnin' low on colones, we decided that time would be best spent lookin' fer an ATM in town. We found one, and even did some grocery shoppin' along th' way, and returned in about half an hour. Still, th' room were bein' not ready.
We decided t' check out th' speeds o' th' WiFi at th' hotel, and made do with another half hour.
Rather unfortunately fer us, th' temperature had risen t' well o'er 34 degrees Celsius with high humidity and virtually no shade: and with a closed bar, there is not cold beverage fer us.

Oh well, those were actually th' only problems we encountered along th' way, th' resort is nice, we had a lovely dinner o' pollo in th' town and basically spent th' afternoon in th' pool after unpackin' th' boat.
Still, without a cold beverage though!

This afternoon, we booked some tours in and outside o' th' adjacent National Park: a mornin' and an evenin' tour. We are lookin' forward t' spottin' th' Pacific animals already!
PS: today, a small flock o' Red Ara’s flew by, by Blackbeard's sword. Really nice!

Day 11: To Rincón de la Vieja

05:00. Aarrr! And swab the deck! The alarm clock sounds, and we know: it is time fer us t' get out o' bed as we have a busy day ahead o' us.
First, we will be picked up at th' hotel at 05:30 fer a mornin' bird watchin' tour, and after that we’ll have breakfast.

The tour takes place not inside th' Monteverde Reserve, but just outside in a privately held piece o' forest o' which th' sole destiny is t' be turned aroun' from secondary forest into primary forest. Walk the plank, and a bucket o' chum! Along th' way, naturalists guide tourists on tours t' view th' wildlife which is becomin' e'er more present.
This mornin', it looked like th' forest were bein' completely empty, by Blackbeard's sword! We heard some birds sin' their songs, but they would not show themselves.
Until, in th' final half hour o' th' 3 hour tour, a parrot!
Our very first in Costa Rica!
The guide had t' sneak us into th' adjacent property (a hotel) through some barbed wire sneakin' aroun' in th' bush, but finally we got a good, clear view o' it and we just loved th' experience, ye scurvey dog! It is a white fronted parrot, completely new t' us!

Right after this, an Emerald Toucanette and even a female Quetzal showed up and made these final moments a real treat, and a bottle of rum! What an awesome way t' end th' tour.

After breakfast, we checked out, jumped into our boat and drove back t' th' entrance o' th' Reserve, t' spend some more time with th' hummingbirds at th' Colibri Café. We spent another hour and a half practicin' our skills tryin' t' take a picture o' a hummingbird in flight or while hoverin'. That is really, really hard! We found out that th' lightin' conditions were better yesterday, but still think we managed t' get some great shots today. Ahoy! Furthermore, th' garden is such a nice place t' be, as th' hummingbirds are zoomin' aroun' like bumblebees and because o' th' low season, nobody is there.

Finally, we decided it were bein' time t' go, and embark on th' journey t' Rincón de la Vieja National Park which is about 120km or 3.5 hours away. The sea took us o'er about 30kms o' untarred, very bumpy seas, and th' Panamerican ocean which has been under construction o'er th' length o' 50kms fer at least a year and a half. I guess that just is th' way thin's work aroun' here. 🙂

After arrivin' at th' B&B Aroma del Campo (which is really rural!) we decided today has been long enough and just relaxed at th' B&B. They have a small pool, some resident animals, a few hammocks and enough space t' just linger aroun' and do nothin', ye scurvey dog. Add a nice 35 degrees Celsius t' th' mix, and ye’ll understand it has been a nice afternoon. Walk the plank, we'll keel-haul ye! 😉

Tomorrow, again a full day ahead o' us, to be sure! We are goin' fer a walk in th' park t' see th' park’s famed volcanic activity with fumaroles, mud pools and much more.