Day 13: To Manuel Antonio

Today, we have got a full day of driving ahead of us. From Rincón de la Vieja where we woke up this morning to Manuel Antonio National Park is about 275kms or 4.5 hours of driving.
That is long and far, at least for Costa Rican standards!

Luckily, the roads are way better than we have previously seen over here. Most of the time the maximum speed is 80km/h instead of the 60 we are used to, and the roads are tarred and in good condition compared to the roads on the Caribbean side of the country.
This means the 275kms can be driving within a day. It is only a good thing that we started off early this morning, we left the B&B around 8am.

We entered the town of Manuel Antonio around 2pm, right after we had lunch in a Soda next to the road, on,y to find that the room would be ready in 20 minutes. We could spend the time waiting in the (closed) bar/restaurant/patio area.
As we were running low on colones, we decided that time would be best spent looking for an ATM in town. We found one, and even did some grocery shopping along the way, and returned in about half an hour. Still, the room was not ready.
We decided to check out the speeds of the WiFi at the hotel, and made do with another half hour.
Rather unfortunately for us, the temperature had risen to well over 34 degrees Celsius with high humidity and virtually no shade: and with a closed bar, there is not cold beverage for us.

Oh well, those were actually the only problems we encountered along the way, the resort is nice, we had a lovely dinner of pollo in the town and basically spent the afternoon in the pool after unpacking the car.
Still, without a cold beverage though!

This afternoon, we booked some tours in and outside of the adjacent National Park: a morning and an evening tour. We are looking forward to spotting the Pacific animals already!
PS: today, a small flock of Red Ara’s flew by. Really nice!