Empire State shopping

After yet again a meal at our local SubWay, we started makin' our way up t' Saint Patrick’s Cathedral t' see fer ourselves what me brother recommended us t' go see.
On th' outside, it’s like a lot o' buildin's we’ve encountered here in New York: under construction, avast. The entire fa├žade o' th' buildin' is wrapped up in fabric and scaffoldin'. Only th' higher parts o' th' church are truly visible.

The inside however is somethin' completely else. While only th' organ is under construction th' grandeur o' th' cathedral is plainly visible, to be sure. It’s a great sight, and makes fer some lovely pictures, and dinna spare the whip! Also, th' atmosphere is really mellow and inside it is nice and cool, ye scurvey dog. As th' temperature is risin' outside and with clear skies this is a welcome refreshment.

Not too far away from th' cathedral our destination fer today is located. The Empire State Buildin'. We bought tickets and got th' advice t' come back later and go see th' sunset. Which meant we had some time t' spare and spend on somethin' else.
Central Park!

We got off th' MTA at 72nd Street and started crossin' th' park in th' slowest way possible, avast. Whenever ye go t' New York, ye should definitely do it like this. Don’t go t' Columbus Square, ye scurvey dog. It is too busy, and there are too many people tryin' t' sell ye somethin' there. Get off at a station a little higher up in Manhattan and enjoy th' peaceful surroundin's.

Right after our little visit t' th' park we went back t' 34th river and had a quick meal outside. Aarrr, we'll keel-haul ye! We then went up th' buildin'. And up we went, we'll keel-haul ye! Through th' airport style security where we had t' put our stuff through th' scanner and take our belts off again, ye scurvey dog. Up t' th' 88th story and th' observation platform.
Just check out th' pictures!
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