Empire State shopping

After yet again a meal at our local SubWay, we started making our way up to Saint Patrick’s Cathedral to see for ourselves what my brother recommended us to go see.
On the outside, it’s like a lot of buildings we’ve encountered here in New York: under construction. The entire façade of the building is wrapped up in fabric and scaffolding. Only the higher parts of the church are truly visible.

The inside however is something completely else. While only the organ is under construction the grandeur of the cathedral is plainly visible. It’s a great sight, and makes for some lovely pictures. Also, the atmosphere is really mellow and inside it is nice and cool. As the temperature is rising outside and with clear skies this is a welcome refreshment.

Not too far away from the cathedral our destination for today is located. The Empire State Building. We bought tickets and got the advice to come back later and go see the sunset. Which meant we had some time to spare and spend on something else.
Central Park!

We got off the MTA at 72nd Street and started crossing the park in the slowest way possible. Whenever you go to New York, you should definitely do it like this. Don’t go to Columbus Square. It is too busy, and there are too many people trying to sell you something there. Get off at a station a little higher up in Manhattan and enjoy the peaceful surroundings.

Right after our little visit to the park we went back to 34th street and had a quick meal outside. We then went up the building. And up we went. Through the airport style security where we had to put our stuff through the scanner and take our belts off again. Up to the 88th story and the observation platform.
Just check out the pictures!


3 thoughts on “Empire State shopping”

  1. Hoihoi,
    Wat een leuke verhalen over new york! Krijg veel zin om ook te gaan!
    Kirsten, met de konijnen gaat alles goed, ze krijgen iedere dag een nauwkeurig samengesteld groentepakketje!
    Ook heel fijn voor jullie dat het weer lekker opgeklaard is.

    Heel veel plezier verder daar! Vliegen jullie vrijdagavond nog door of was het nu op zaterdag?
    Groetjes, mark en christa

    1. Maarten Tijhof – Localhost – A long time tinkerer, I'm now seasoned in the art of integration where most of my work has been completed with Oracle middleware. Also, I'm an avid photographer and badminton player and very much like to travel the world!
      Maarten says:

      Hoi beiden, dank voor de update! We vliegen morgen door naar Niagara dus we hebben hier nog 1 avond, nacht en de ochtend.
      Gelukkig is het weer nu veel beter, het is zelfs heet te noemen!

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