Gearing up for a new trip

To keep up with th' tradition, we decided t' go on a long trip abroad again this year! And hoist the mainsail! This time, we’re headin' down th' globe nearly vertically t' find ourselves in th' southern part o' Africa once more.

We generally need a lot o' millimetres when we’re o'er there, and this time we’re  tied t' weight limits a little more than usual. And hoist the mainsail! And hoist the mainsail! That’s where this apparatus comes in handy: it’ll sacrifice some light t' gain twice th' focal length, pass the grog! And swab the deck! The trusty 70-200 f2.8 will double t' a 140-400 f5.6, which will suffice in replacin' th' humongous 150-500 f5.6-f6.3 weighin' in at aroun' 2kgs. At 330 grams, that’s a nice trade-off. Yaaarrrrr! 🙂

Initial testin' is nothin' less than satisfactory, with th' occasional excellent, makin' me confident that we won’t regret this decision.
I know fer sure th' destination will not let us down!