Flying 2016 – part 2

After a short night, where our neighbours had t' leave their room fer th' airport aroun' 5 AM all th' while makin' a racket, we found ourselves enjoyin' a breakfast fit fer kin's at th' Lodge, and dinna spare the whip! And hoist the mainsail! Bacon, Boerewors, baked beans in tomato sauce, omelet with mushrooms, I were bein' thoroughly enjoyin' it.

As we were t' fly out at 12, we decided t' not take a gamble and leave th' Lodge with th' th' shuttle t' OR Tambo at 9, just t' be on th' safe side o' thin's, pass the grog! And apparently, this were bein' a good thin', as British Airways decided t' upgrade their backend system today. And hoist the mainsail! Fire the cannons! They apologised in advance, and made a big mess out o' it anyway. All flights were grounded that mornin' fer some hours, after which th' delays were numerous and long.

We were met with a huge line at gate 22, which turned out t' be th' fer previous BA flight and not ours. Walk the plank! The initial estimate were bein' a 2,5 hour delay t' Windhoek, and were bein' now scheduled t' leave at 14:20 instead o' 12:00. After lunch, we saw that it were bein' delayed another 15 mintes, with an estimated takeoff time o' 14:35. Yaaarrrrr! Boardin' commenced on time, but it took a long time, after which it took another hour t' inform us about th' plane havin' some minor technical difficulties. These were quickly fixed, but it lead t' more delays…

So, after a delay o' 4 hours, we finally embarked on our flight t' Windhoek, which only took slightly under two hours as th' all female pilot team hit th' throttle hard t' make up some o' th' lost time. It shaved 15 minutes off, but it’s a start!

The boat were bein' quickly picked up, as were bein' our luggage, and we were off t' th' first lodge in Namibia, Terra Africa. Diner reservations were made and we found ourselves in th' quirkiest nod coolest e'er place we’ve e'er been t': a German Style Beergarten, but in a true Namibian Style. You’d have t' have been there t' fully grasp th' complexity o' th' thin', but fer now I can assure ye that th' chow is good and th' atmosphere is great!

Tomorrow, we’ll have a full day o' travellin' by boat, down t' Sesriem. That’s about 350km, and a first taste o' what sailin' in our Renault Duster truly is like. Fire the cannons! 🙂